Simple Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Space Season to Season

Minimal decor shifts can welcome patio visitors into an upcoming season. As warm summer days transition to cooler fall mornings, or brisk wintry evenings melt into spring afternoons, inspire outdoor guests to embrace Mother Nature’s magic and spend more time under the sun and stars.

Design Trends from HD Expo We Can’t Get Enough Of

Creativity abounds! We just spent time at the Hospitality & Design Expo in Las Vegas viewing some of the most intriguing and indulgent products to elevate your interior and exterior design concepts. If you need a little inspiration for your upcoming projects, these top trends from the HD Expo are sure to do the trick.

Outdoor Design Using Shapes- How to Create Energy & Ambiance

The psychology of lines sways perceptions and solidifies purpose. Circular swirls, pointed triangles, and sturdy rectangles all play a part in defining the mood of the outdoor space you’re imagining. Each day you’re subliminally influenced by shapes in design. Do you know how?

The Best Patio Umbrella Fabric for Wind & Sun

When it comes to handling wind and sun, TUUCI uses durable, premium fabrics manufactured by Sunbrella that can withstand the variable daily weather. Our umbrellas protect guests from sun, wind, rain, and ocean spray without fading or molding. Here’s what makes our umbrellas the best choice for your patio.

How to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Patio Umbrella

Routine maintenance results in impeccable outdoor spaces. You wouldn’t dream of compromising the cleaning and remodeling schedule of a hotel lobby or restaurant dining room. The same diligence applies to outdoor living spaces, especially when it comes to patio umbrella care.

Spanish Patio Design – Ideas and Inspiration for Your Next Project

Spanish patio design evokes fresh, vibrant energy while displaying intimate charm and slight imperfections. Whether you’re in Barcelona, Madrid, or the Midwest, Spanish designed patios feature distinct design and can be accomplished within a wide range of design budget.

Day at The Beach: How Beach-goers Can Protect Their Skin this Summer

As you make plans to catch up on a summer novel, darken that tan and watch the kids build sand castles, don’t forget about taking care of your skin. We know you’ll slather on the sunscreen (face and body!) and reapply after taking a dip in the water, but did you know you can do even more?

These 8 Boutique Hotels Boast Exquisite Outdoor Living

Inspiration. It fills us with creative energy and fresh ideas, taking our design projects to a new level. Let’s immerse ourselves in a bit of beauty by virtually exploring some of the most gorgeous boutique hotels with inspirational outdoor spaces. Get ready to take notes.

Introducing The Auto Open MAX Cantilever

Gatherings create memories.

Birthday brunches at eclectic corner cafes, business conference cocktails in scenic rooftop gardens, and vacation selfies on exclusive resort beaches happen under the cozy canopies of beautiful outdoor umbrellas. Ultimately, our comfort during these special occasions directly affects our mood and level of enjoyment.

What Is a Cantilever Umbrella? Plus, Their Best Uses

Your design team drafted a remodel of your outdoor space. The upgraded herringbone pattern brick walkways and refreshed seasonal plantings make sense, but you’re wondering what a cantilever umbrella is. The plans call for several of these to both beautify the space and expand its usage into the evening hours. Fabulous! What is a Cantilever … Continued