Blending Outdoor Design and Technology Trends

Serene outdoor design and technology trends blend comfort and convenience. Portable heating makes rooftop hotel parties enjoyable during cool evenings. Wifi access turns a cabana lounge into an open-air mobile workspace for busy entrepreneurs. And a focused design elevates your space’s brand and foot traffic.

How to Create a Modern Restaurant Patio

With society’s movement towards minimalism, it’s no wonder restaurants are turning towards clean, contemporary patios and outdoor spaces. Modern design lends an approach to simplicity and defined elements that focus on function over form. The result makes for a casual and comfortable dining experience without the visual clutter. Modern style patios are trending in today’s … Continued

Outdoor Design Trends 2018 – Elevate Your Summer Space

What’s trending in this year’s outdoor living spaces? Design inspirations have expanded from small patios to infinite spaces while transcending seasons. The outdoor design trends we see taking over in 2018 are stylishly smart, versatile, uniquely provocative, and “all out” appeasement to the senses!

Welcome to the TUUCI Blog

Welcome to our new blog, a place of creativity. We are starting this blog to serve you better, whether you’re an interior designer, architect, construction administrator, or backyard DIYer. In this corner of our website, we’ll discuss the latest trends, aesthetics, luxury design, and functionality of the commercial and residential design space. With headquarters in … Continued