Light Fixtures that Extend the Day

When the sun sets, the outdoor experience does not need to cease. The vast offering of outdoor lighting provides solutions for every environment, ensuring the optimal experience is enhanced well into the night. The sun no longer dictates when you get to spend time outside.

Escape Covid: Effective and Creative Backyard Ideas

Outdoor spaces have always been an escape from the hustle of indoor offices and schools. Quarantine and social distancing has us turning to our backyard and other outdoor spaces for reprieve. We visit 5 ideas below for how to turn an outdoor space into one full of comfort and luxury.

Benefits of Natural Light

As humans, we have an innate desire to be outdoors. However, as time goes on, our connection to nature diminishes as our connection to technology flourishes. This does not mean that we do not want to be outside, it simply means we are losing opportunities to go outside because they often do not provide the same amenities as an indoor environment.

Outdoor Design Ideas for the Great Outdoors

When designing an outdoor space, the visual aesthetic is often as important as the functionality of the space. Keeping that in mind, here is the ultimate checklist to find the perfect blend of visually appealing and functional outdoor space with outdoor furniture.

5 Modern Patio Design Ideas for Your Restaurant

The season for outdoor brunches, casual business lunches and date-night dinners is upon us. Sure your culinary prowess shines with your updated warm-weather menu and your summer libations list is lengthy, but is your outdoor space inviting? Do guests return often? If your modern restaurant patio design could use a little refresh for the bustling days ahead, get ready to be inspired.

Spring 2019: Tradeshow Preview

Experience seaside relaxation and a taste of Miami by visiting TUUCI at your favorite tradeshow this Spring. Each year, we relish the opportunity to meet our customers, allowing for interaction and hands-on testing, in addition to building lasting relationships.

Outdoor Garden Trends of 2019 – Ahead of the Curve

We’re loving where 2019 is headed. Designers and architects are fully embracing outdoor patios, beaches and decks as a relaxing extension of our living and entertaining spaces, allowing our agile lifestyles to seamlessly flow from cozy indoor areas to the open-air beauty of Mother Nature’s surroundings.

Casual Market Chicago: Fall Tradeshow Preview

When guests approach your property, the first glimpse of your outdoor area makes a lasting impression. What feelings does your outdoor space evoke? Welcoming vibes or a worn landscape?

Five Stunning Locations to Inspire Your Next Design Project

A change of scenery allows us to think and visualize beyond our usual boundaries. Our eyes light up at new ways to combine shapes, lines, and hues. Our senses are heightened as we dive into defining comfort. Now, let’s wander. Get inspired by the colors, culture, and classic beauty of a few of our favorite inspirational locations.

Simple Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Space Season to Season

Minimal decor shifts can welcome patio visitors into an upcoming season. As warm summer days transition to cooler fall mornings, or brisk wintry evenings melt into spring afternoons, inspire outdoor guests to embrace Mother Nature’s magic and spend more time under the sun and stars.