plantation max f-1

plantation MAX F-1

TUUCI’s most durable and wind-resistant umbrella design is the F-1 MAX. Featuring high-tension stainless steel reinforcement cables,
Armor-Wall-Aluminum Construction, tensioned stainless steel pocket construction and featuring TUUCI’s exclusive and proprietary Aluma-TEAK hardwood finish,
this umbrella is built to withstand more than 45 MPH of wind force. Mounted directly into the ground with reinforced concrete and steel anchors,
the F-1 MAX will survive the most severe elements that Mother Nature may unleash.

features & options

high performance shade

TUUCI’s most durable and wind-resistant design features a telescoping mast, high-tension stainless steel tensioning cables and armor-wall aluminum construction.

beauty & strength combined

TUUCI’s exclusive and proprietary Aluma-TEAK finishes are beautiful and durable options, creating products that are resistant to corrosion, while maintaining a hardwood appearance.

pretty + practical

TUUCI’s F1 canopies have reinforced stainless steel pocket construction, to withstand extreme wind conditions without tearing fabric.

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