vineyard fiber-flex classic

vineyard fiber-flex classic

This umbrella is inspired by the wind-swept ocean and desert landscapes of the Baja Peninsula. TUUCI has incorporated flexible fiberglass struts, aptly named “fiber-FLEX”, which absorb punishing wind conditions, sudden gusts and corrosive salt air environments. Along with TUUCI’s patented independent bracket system and our sturdy “Dura-TEAK” mast, this umbrella is guaranteed to last for years.

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built to last

All Vineyard Collection products include a Copperstone resin hub and are tested in high wind areas, from ocean-front installations to exposed street-side locations.

flexible durability

Vineyard Fiberflex ribs feature a fiberglass rod with incredibly flexible engineering. If the umbrella hits the ground, it bounces back to its original shape.

enduring beauty

TUUCI’s Vineyard Collection is constructed from durable, marine-grade, weather resistant materials including: Dura-TEAK fiberglass tubing with a state-of-the-art hardwood finish.

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