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September 23, 2020 Hotels Around the World

Geography plays a large factor when it comes to design in the hospitality industry. International hotel chains create indoor and outdoor aesthetics that fuse with the traditions of their location. Local culture and customary ways can vary drastically from country to country, even city to city. The focus consistently remains on creating an unprecedented and luxurious atmosphere based on that hotel’s unique location. Let’s look at a few InterContinental hotels located around the world. While they all fall under the ownership of an American based headquarters, the relationship between properties is visually unapparent.

Presidente InterContinental Cozumel Resort and Spa

Located in Cozumel, Mexico, this resort is located on the coast of one of the largest marine reef systems in the world. Surrounded by music, vibrant colors and a lively atmosphere, the hotel integrates their surrounding culture into their food, activities, and environment. Their overall design honors modern elements with contemporary Mexican accents. Offering ample outdoor seating, guests can enjoy live music and the fresh sea breeze, at any hour.

InterContinental Madrid

In the heart of Madrid, this InterContinental destination lives in the center of the Spanish capital and provides luxury standard accommodations with the added benefit of a prime location. Originally home to Dukedom of Aliaga, this resort preserved the magnificent pillars and floors made from heavily veined Alicante red marble throughout the open property. The exterior is also bedecked with French Louis XIV style chairs for seating. Distinct from other coastal InterContinental resorts, Madrid’s offers guests a spacious garden to either sit and relax in or enjoy a quaint dinner.

InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort

Located on the beach amidst the jungle, the Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort is the perfect escape: providing unparalleled options for relaxation and privacy. Sitting on Vietnam’s largest coast, the vast property offers lounge options by the pool, or on the azure ocean under private huts or discreet cabanas. Tropical plants cover every inch of the outdoor spaces including the rooftops, blending the structure into the natural landscape of the island. The main entrance is uniquely designed and seasoned with traditional basket boats lining the ceiling. The windowless reception area flows into the pool area and seamlessly to the ocean, inviting one to disconnect from electronics and connect with nature.

InterContinental Los Angeles

Los Angeles is universally branded “home of the stars,” which makes this glamorous and luxurious hotel fit in perfectly with the city. Minutes from West Coast beaches, this hotel is the perfect choice for any out of town guest looking to explore famous attractions. The overall design of the property is a sophisticated piece of art, intentionally created to embody elements of architectural historian Reyner Banham’s book Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies. These ecologies include Autopia or car culture, Foothills, Surfurbia/beach culture, the Plains of Id/the flats, and a fifth self-added ecology, Downtown L.A. Their outdoor restaurant is stylish and relaxing, with lovely views of the city — the perfect place to catch a sunset.

InterContinental Geneva

Full of rich history and surrounded by prestige-like culture, the InterContinental Geneva is within driving minutes of the many little towns that make up the Lake Geneva Region. The architecture and design of the hotel is a fusion of historical and classic modernism styles. The façade includes a canopy with columns made of limestone and the doors on the property are made of brass. Large bamboo plants at the entrance add a comforting touch to the elegant atmosphere.

There is a vast range amongst designs within one hotel chain. However, they all focus on visual aesthetics to provide comfort for their guests. Comfort can mean a range of things: umbrellas for shade, diverse seating options, proximity to activities, etc., depending on the location. Nonetheless, each hotel offers unparalleled outdoor features to draw in the guests to their one of a kind locations.