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May 3, 2018 Introducing The Auto Open MAX Cantilever

Auto Open Push Button Patio umbrella

Gatherings create memories.

Birthday brunches at eclectic corner cafes, business conference cocktails in scenic rooftop gardens, and vacation selfies on exclusive resort beaches happen under the cozy canopies of beautiful outdoor umbrellas. Ultimately, our comfort during these special occasions directly affects our mood and level of enjoyment.

At TUUCI, we want time outdoors to be relaxing and effortless. The Automated Max Cantilever combines adjustable shading with gentle lighting and optional heating to make every moment spent with Mother Nature comfortable.

Precision Shading for Daytime Events

When gathering with others, direct sun can create harsh shadows, glares on paperwork or simply be too warm. With a canopy overhead, your view is never diminished and hot spots in direct sunlight are avoided.

Opening and closing the canopy on this umbrella is automated with the simple touch of a button. Once open, the UVA-blocking fabric works its magic. And because we know you want design choices, our canopies come in a variety of shapes including single or dual octagons, rectangles, and squares.

Soft Lighting for Evening Outings

As day turns to night, keep the party going under the stars. With our system, there’s no need to mount or install additional external lighting. After sunset, simply activate the touch control built-in LED lighting to gently illuminate the space under the canopy.

This feature turns outdoor patios and decks into 24-hour meeting spaces for everything from wedding receptions to late night dinners. Adjust the level of light with the dimmer switch to create the ideal ambiance.

Radiant Heat for All Seasons

Don’t let cool evenings or an early fall deter guests from enjoying patios and decks. Our all-in-one system also includes built-in energy efficient infrared radiant heaters with splash protection for use near swimming pools and spas.

This feature is concealed within the upper mast of the umbrella so the warmth is evenly distributed, keeping guests cozy and heated elements away from curious children. Thanks to the heaters, patios can be utilized year-round in climates with mild winter weather, and throughout spring, summer and fall in other areas.

Does the convenience of the shading, lighting, and heating of the TUUCI Automated Max Cantilever umbrella sound like the perfect fit for your outdoor space? Contact us today to speak with an account manager and learn how we can customize this umbrella for you.