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April 25, 2018 What Is a Cantilever Umbrella? Plus, Their Best Uses

Your design team drafted a remodel of your outdoor space. The upgraded herringbone pattern brick walkways and refreshed seasonal plantings make sense, but you’re wondering what a cantilever umbrella is. The plans call for several of these to both beautify the space and expand its usage into the evening hours. Fabulous!

What is a Cantilever Umbrella?

Technically speaking, a cantilever is a long projecting beam or girder fixed at only one end, used primarily in bridge construction. When it comes to innovative umbrella design, we looked to this model as inspiration and chose to position the supporting pole on the perimeter of the system, not the center.

This style creates a clear, unobstructed view beneath the canopy that makes interactions more personal and visually appealing. Cantilever umbrellas can be arranged in an outdoor area to maximize space, comfort, and views.

Benefits of Cantilever Umbrellas

Single Cantilever umbrella - benefits

We’ve all been to a hotel patio and felt awkward chatting over brunch with a pole blocking our view across the table. Finding space for our feet when a large anchor base takes up too much room is also a problem for tight spaces. And it seems that someone always sits in direct sun when the canopy isn’t easily adjustable.

A cantilever system eliminates all of this, making comfort and aesthetics top priorities.

Cantilever umbrellas also expand the number of ways you can position chairs, tables, chaise lounges or hammocks beneath the canopy. Without a center pole, space becomes completely customizable for meetings, social hours, or recreation.

We love using these umbrellas for shading pool decks, creating intimate outdoor cafe seating and in any space where you want to reduce direct sun, wind or light rain exposure. TUUCI cantilever systems also offer integrated heating and lighting to make the umbrellas useful during cool weather and evenings.

Choosing A Cantilever Umbrella: Single or Dual

As you design the outdoor space, visual flow and ease of passage come into play. Decide whether a single or dual cantilever umbrella (or some of both) is best for your situation.

We favor the dual option with one center pole and two canopies in congested areas with narrow walkways, such as intimate bistros. They’re also best when reducing the number of obstructions in scenic view off a rooftop garden or beachfront. A dual cantilever umbrella also adds a sense of balance and symmetry to space, thanks to its beautiful “T” shape.

The single umbrella design provides a classic outdoor ambiance. They can be arranged in straight lines or random clusters to accentuate the feel of the space you’re creating.

Learn more about cantilever umbrella options and customized canopies at TUUCI.