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The Value of Outdoor Amenities in Hospitality


As consumer focus on health and wellness continues to increase, outdoor amenity spaces are a fundamental way hoteliers are helping guests connect with the great outdoors, while establishing a uniquely branded experience. According to Brian Ball, GM at the Wildset Hotel in St. Michaels, Maryland, “Outdoor spaces are the new lobby.” From backyard fire pits to open-air conference rooms, Hotel Management says outdoor spaces are valuable revenue generators. Here are five trendy ways to set your outdoor amenities apart and maximize your property’s value.

Rooftop Entertaining

Especially in urban areas, rooftop bars and restaurants offer guests dramatic views and opportunities to commune with other travelers. Enticing guests to dine on-property is a huge revenue booster, and patrons will reward you by sharing photos of your space and cuisine on social media. Shade canopies with built-in heating will extend the use of your rooftop through any season and into the late-night hours.

Outdoor Workspaces

A recent poll from Global Business Travel Association shows that 78% of travel managers expect business travel to increase in 2023, and 86% of travel suppliers anticipate higher spending. Since business travel is climbing closer to pre-pandemic levels, this is an important group to cater to with outdoor amenity spaces. Open-air workspaces have been shown to boost wellness and productivity, and your guests will appreciate the change of scenery while they join virtual meetings or catch up on emails. Outdoor workspaces should have easy access to power and Wi-Fi, plenty of comfortable shade, and perhaps an on-site barista to keep the caffeine coming.

Outdoor Grills, Fire Pits & Pizza Ovens

Introducing the latest accessories in your outdoor amenity spaces ensures they’ll service your guests year-round to maximize the return on your investment. Outdoor grills and pizza ovens can be used to create special culinary events that allow guests to join in the creative fun and personalize their dishes. Fire pits require much less commitment, adding low-maintenance ambiance to evening cocktail hour that can boost your average daily rates.

Private Gardens

Adding a walkable garden wherever space allows will support feelings of wellness and shows a clear commitment to sustainability. When done properly, the added green space could also contribute LEED points, especially if you use the space to grow herbs and other edible plants for culinary services. Look to other properties for creative ways to incorporate gardens. For example, The Kimpton in South Beach added an organic garden to its breezeway, growing herbs and microgreens for its restaurant and bar menus. Secret Bay in Dominica opened an exclusive garden at each of its villas, where guests can forage for their own assorted herbs, leafy greens, chives, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Resort-Inspired Pool Decks

Even if your property isn’t waterfront, an outdoor pool can help guests feel like they’re in an exotic resort. The key is creating lounging spaces that feel more private and a bit secluded from other guests. Careful placement of furniture and shade products go a long way to add comfort and create privacy. If space allows, consider adding cabanas along the perimeter to elevate the space even further. Tuuci’s Solanox Cabana is built to withstand the weather of all seasons and includes built-in heating and lighting features so it provides sanctuary throughout the year and into the night.

Ample research shows that outdoor and wellness amenities will pay dividends for hoteliers. According to a recent survey from American Express Travel, 73% of worldwide respondents say they are planning vacations around improving their physical and emotional health, and 43% say they’ve selected a hotel based on its spa and wellness amenities. Speak to a Tuuci representative to see how we can help you create a beautiful, sustainable outdoor oasis that support guests’ wellness and your bottom line.

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