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All About Umbrellas


February 10th has been named National Umbrella Day and to celebrate, we’re exploring the rich history of how these protective coverings have evolved over time.

In addition to providing shelter from the elements, umbrellas were seen as a symbol of wealth and dignity in many cultures and later became recognized as an important fashion accessory, particularly for mid-century women. Since their origin, umbrellas have combined beautiful design and practical function to bring comfort and respite to the outdoors.

History of the Umbrella

Evidence of the earliest umbrellas dates back at least 3,000 years. In the 11th century B.C., the rank of a Mandarin ruler in China could be determined by whether a double or triple-decked umbrella was carried over him. Pharaohs in ancient Egypt were enthroned beneath parasols, and umbrellas even became a symbol of authority in the medieval Catholic church. By the 1700s, umbrellas had arrived in Europe. While they were no longer reserved for royalty, they would remain a symbol of status for many generations to come.

Spurred by the agricultural and industrial revolutions, handheld and commercial umbrellas became much more commonplace in the 19th century. Advances were made in overall weight, folding mechanisms and fabrics. From oiled linens that repelled rain, to French lace parasols that elegantly shielded the sun, each region of the world took its own creative liberties with the umbrella’s form and function.

Modern Innovation

Today’s innovations for outdoor umbrella and parasol design have far surpassed the original creations, as the research and development behind Tuuci’s engineering can attest. Our modern technology allows built-in Ambia™ LED lighting and infrared heaters for maximum comfort in every season.

Disposable aluminum structures have been replaced with marine-grade stainless steel, allowing Tuuci parasols to stand up to intense wind and weather conditions.

Modern textiles resist fading and are double-stitched for added durability. Many canopy enhancements are available to suit any style, from the screen printing of contemporary patterns to the fringe and tassels reminiscent of traditional Eastern design.

From home installations for outdoor entertaining, to commercial use for corporate and hotel patios, we’re grateful that everyone can now enjoy the comfort and hospitality that an umbrella provides. However you celebrate National Umbrella Day, we hope you’ll enjoy it beneath the shade of a Tuuci parasol. 

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