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Canopy Enhancements

Double Wind Vent

For areas along the water or at higher elevations, the double wind vent offers added protection against high gusts of wind that can come without warning. When Nature shows its wondrous strength, Tuuci’s premium, marine grade engineering displays its own.

Contrasting Pockets

This touch of color and geometric detail is added to both the top and underside of the parasol, allowing it to be enjoyed from a distance, or when sitting beneath the canopy. Contrasting pockets can be as subtle or striking as you prefer, and transform Tuuci parasols into a personalized design statement.

Contrasting Binding

Beautifully outlining the artful shape and symmetry of a Tuuci parasol, contrasting binding creates an elegant style that is uniquely your own. The binding detail is added to the edge and vent of the canopy, and is available in a variety of colors to coordinate with any design palette.

Accent Border

From beneath the canopy or above, our six-inch accent borders add incomparable visual interest to any shade structure. Whether you’re installing a single parasol at home, or a collection of them on a restaurant patio, this striking brush of color draws the eye and invites everyone to gather.

Fishtail Profile

(Only available on hexagon and octagon canopies)

Mirroring the exquisite form of aquatic life, the fishtail profile offers both comfortable shade and an elegant frame of the surrounding landscape.

Straight Valance

With clean lines and classic detailing, the Straight Valance makes a timeless design statement. Tailor this minimalist aesthetic with your own fabric selection and contrasting stitching, with superior craftsmanship in every detail.

Scalloped Valance

Inspired by mid-century design, the Scalloped Valance adds a touch of classic Hollywood glamour to your poolside retreat. These smooth, scalloped lines are simultaneously simple and elegant, accentuated by contrasting stitching for a subtle color accent.

Classic Roman Valance

Combining old-world charm with modern innovation, Tuuci’s Classic Roman Valance articulates the very best of traditional European design. Mirroring the lines of grand columns and archways, they create perfect accents to Mediterranean-style architecture.

Modern Roman Valance

Create a little slice of Italy wherever you are. The dramatic edge of the Modern Roman Valance carries Mediterranean influence into any exterior space.

Double Sided Canopy

Surprising details make the most delightful design statements. Like the patterned satin lining of a beautifully tailored suit, the double-sided canopy adds a wonderful splash of color to the underside of any parasol. The two layers are sewn together with a braided binding for added strength and durability.

Alternating Panels

Parasols with alternating color panels make a unique design statement that draws the eye and sets your space apart. Whether you’re adding shade to your personal home or a public space, these accents of color will be an instant crowd pleaser.


No matter your location, adding Tassel details to your Tuuci parasol will have you feeling like you’ve escaped to the Mediterranean. Tassels are available in a variety of colors that beautifully coordinate with our selection of premium, marine-grade fabrics.

Cord Fringe

Inspired by the parasols once carried through desert climates, this six-inch cord fringe dresses up the perimeter of octagon and hexagon canopies.

Brush Fringe

A bit of Hollywood style goes a long way. This two-inch brush fringe adds a little glamour to any square, rectangle, octagon or hexagon parasol.


Designed to enjoy rainy days, the rain gutter enhancement precisely joins two parasols with a clip to direct water off the center to the end and keep people comfortable and dry beneath it.

Screen Print

With Tuuci’s full service screen printing, you’ll never miss an opportunity to create a unique experience. Like the beautiful satin lining of a perfectly tailored suit, the underside of our canopies can be customized with any pattern to add an element of surprise and delight for all those who relax beneath the shade.

Tear Drop Valance

(Only available on pagoda canopies)

The graceful tear-drop design adds a touch of elegance to your valance option on your pagoda.

Not all enhancement options are available on all collections.

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