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Our Habitats

Simply adding shade to outdoor spaces creates an instant destination that draws people in and invites them to pour a drink, share a conversation, or get lost in their own private thoughts. Whether you’re creating that special place in your own backyard or a public setting, Tuuci® structures are designed to add comfort and retreat—with beauty you can admire and performance you can trust.


When you’re in the business of creating unforgettable experiences, every flawless detail leaves an impression. Set outdoor spaces apart by making them unique destinations in their own right. Whether you’re designing a culinary excursion or a waterfront sanctuary, Tuuci products transform outdoor spaces into memorable retreats that welcome guests back again and again.


Give your team or student body comfortable outdoor workspaces where they can refresh their senses, collaborate on projects, and test new ideas. The fresh air and change of scenery will help boost creativity and an overall sense of well-being…the necessary foundation for innovation to unfold.


Discover the many reasons Tuuci® products are trusted by luxury hotels and resorts throughout the world. From elegant design to trusted engineering, our parasols and cabanas will turn your home’s outdoor spaces into relaxing escapes for family and guests. Your staycation awaits.

Quick Service Restaurants

In a sea of QSR dining choices, a shaded outdoor patio builds instant curb appeal and establishes customer preference. Not only can Tuuci parasols provide cool, comfortable spaces that draw a crowd, but they’re also built to resist sun and weather conditions for lasting beauty and return on investment.


As the lines between our personal and professional lives continue to blur, prospective residents are attracted to properties offering a variety of indoor and outdoor amenities that prioritize wellness. Tuuci shade structures instantly create stylish, comfortable patio spaces that extend living spaces and establish a sense of community.

Theme Park

Even days of great adventure need moments of Zen. When your guests are ready to pause the adrenaline rush, Tuuci can help you turn relaxation into an extreme experience. From parasols to cabanas, our products are designed for VIP treatment, creating a comfortable setting where lifelong memories are made.


Create a relaxing getaway they’ll never forget. From poolside cabanas to shaded lounges on the deck, Tuuci structures add flawless design and marine grade engineering to your luxury accommodations. Speak to one of our design consultants to create parasols that add a custom, branded experience in every detail.


Days on the water are a combination of thrilling adventure and relaxing leisure. When you need sanctuary from the sun, your Tuuci® parasols will be ready. We’ve tested our marine grade components in the planet’s most extreme weather conditions, making sure they’ll withstand everything the wind and waves have in store.

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