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Cold Weather,
Warm Ambiance


The fall and winter seasons bring months of joyous traditions.

They ring in holiday parties, festive music, gift giving and (best of all) winter activities. Scarves and sweaters are pulled from storage and getting out the door every morning takes a few moments longer. With all the new distractions of the season, we have less time available to do the things we love most. Like enjoying quality downtime with loved ones. Creating an outdoor seating area that provides a warm environment in which to unwind helps achieve a healthy balance to our new daily routines. Make the most of winter, effortlessly, with outdoor heating.

An extension of the indoors, the intrinsic value of the outdoors is incomparable. Cold climate neighbors can continue to reap the benefits of fresh air—any day, any hour. Whether at home or dining out, parasols, cabanas and lounge spaces should be functional year-round. The seamless integration of heating and lighting to outdoor structures makes this feasible.

Tuuci® parasols provide protection from the toughest elements, while adding an aesthetically pleasing touch. Various canopy size options permit the freedom to choose surrounding furniture that fit your space dimensions and style. For added warmth during lower temps, attachable infra-red heaters pivot to efficiently and directly warm objects below the canopy, creating the perfect combination for relaxation.

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Cabanas with heating and lighting options extend our love of the winter season! Privacy panels and ample seating provide an open-air, comfortable environment. The Tuuci Solanox Cabana with Automated Louvered Roof features durable, aluminum louvers that automatically adjust for wind, rain, and snow to provide optimum shelter.

Designed for the outdoors, a Somfy® User Control System ensures a simple turn on/off of the high efficiency heaters. The simple push button control panel also features the ability to control Ambia lighting and available to both parasol and cabana structures. With snowy treetops and draped mountain peaks in view, go ahead – say yes to dessert outside.

The winter season is full of wonder and beauty. As we adapt to the lifestyle changes that accompany the dropping temps, incorporating functional spaces keep us enjoying the great outdoors, together.

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