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Escape Covid: Effective and
Creative Backyard Ideas


Outdoor spaces have always been an escape from the hustle of indoor offices and schools. Quarantine and social distancing has us turning to our backyard and other outdoor spaces for reprieve. We visit 5 ideas below for how to turn an outdoor space into one full of comfort and luxury.


An Escape

Although travel is slowly increasing, many resorts are still closed, halting vacations to our favorite destinations. However, now is the time to be creative and transform your backyard into your new escape and go-to staycation destination!

In recent years, outdoor design has been revolutionized, allowing for an extravagant feeling of comfort right in your backyard. There are many upgrades to be made to create the illusion of an escape that traveling usually provides, while remaining socially distanced and at home amidst Covid-19.


Staying six feet apart has been one of the most emphasized precautions since the pandemic began. Your outdoor space is the perfect place to maintain those six feet while still enjoying the company of others.

Spacious and comfortable seating is key to spending hours outdoors. Place seating around a common focal point, like a fireplace or central table. Make sure to choose seating that is comfortable. Whether it be soaking up the sun, having a drink with friends, or watching your kids play in the yard, comfortable seating allows for more pleasant hours spent outside.


As working from home continues to be the new normal, daily routines are becoming monotonous and having an outdoor space to work from can be a game changer. Incorporating the right shade to allow you to see your computer screen is essential. In addition, the right shade also allows children learning from home a comfortable outdoor space that enhances their learning experience. A cabana, or an parasol provides an easy upgrade to your daily workspace environment.

Overall Aesthetic

If artwork is not enough to provide a subtle feeling of being elsewhere, try changing the ambience of your entire outdoor environment. Maybe add patterned tiling with different hues to create a Spanish patio design. New accents can make your outdoor space feel like an escape to a rejuvenated living space.


Add some zest to your backyard with artwork for your guests to marvel. While summer is typically the perfect time to travel and discover new art, you can still do so locally. Every city promises local artists with unique pieces to offer. Use your art piece as your background for your zoom meetings or zoom hangouts with friends. Allow the art to be a stand-in for the feeling you would get when visiting another city or country. This subtle and creative addition will help add to that feeling of escape amidst these times of quarantine.

A Long Table

A long table is the perfect backyard addition for outdoor dining and socially distanced entertaining. Eating outside is a good way to change up the perpetual schedule for your family, providing refreshed family time. An outdoor table can also enable a small number of guests over to more safely interact over drinks, dinner, or even a game night.

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