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Patio Technology: 6 Smart Products for the Most Comfortable Outdoor Experience

Technology in patio design has evolved leaps and bounds in recent years. The options are almost endless: temperature controls are available thanks to outdoor ceiling fans for pergolas and overhead patio heaters, automated outdoor lighting sets the mood at preferred times of day or night, shade structures respond to the changing weather patterns, and entertainment options abound.

modern design, classic material: a look at the history of teak

Throughout the Middle Ages white squalls thundered over the hulls of ships. The soaked decks that weathered the storms were usually built with resilient teak wood. Native to Southeast Asia, teak remained a desired construction material since its initial use in the fifth century. This tropical hardwood was first harvested by innovative shipbuilders. They discovered that teak’s high oil content and tight grain held up to harsh marine elements. Easily enduring long-term submersion in water

5 Patio Shade Structures Made for Coastal Living

Relaxed patio time. We all need more of it, so let’s make your coastal outdoor spaces as inviting as possible for guests. If you notice a decline in traffic on hot, sunny days, increase the number of patio shade structures to keep everyone cool and comfortable. Consider a few of these decor elements for your next seaside patio refresh.

How to Promote Your Renovated Outdoor Space

You’re almost done with the renovations on your outdoor space – the winning color palette, innovative design features, and welcoming ambiance are all refreshing and relaxed.