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5 Fun Outdoor Games for the Whole Family


Whether you’re enjoying the day outside with your immediate family, gathering for a reunion, or hosting a barbecue, nothing livens up the party like a little friendly competition. Here are some fun outdoor game ideas to get the whole family involved. Besides keeping kids active, they’ll help you build lifelong memories across all generations. Most of these ideas also require little to no gear, so they’re easily packed for a family camping trip. Try these fun outdoor games at your next family gathering or use them as inspiration to create your own.

Life-Size Board Games

Several of your favorite classic board games are available in giant outdoor sizes. Look on Amazon for the giant versions of Jenga, Connect 4, Sorry!, Tic-Tac-Toe and even Chess. Set up games on a table beneath a shady parasol or cabana to keep everyone comfortable as they plan their next move. Most of these games are simple for players of all ages but are a great way for young minds to build strategic thinking. And no one can keep from laughing when that Jenga tower falls!

Frisbee Golf

When you can’t get the whole family to the golf course, set up a backyard game of frisbee golf. You can designate “holes” before the game starts or take turns setting the next target throughout the game to keep things simple. Trees, picnic tables, outdoor chairs, and dormant fire pits all make great frisbee golf holes, but there’s no limit to creativity here. Count a point for each “swing” as you would in traditional golf, until each player hits the hole with the frisbee. The person or team with the lowest score wins bragging rights.

Water Gun Laser Tag

Just like laser tag, but with water guns! Other than staying beneath the shade, water games are a great way to stay cool on hot, sunny days. Divide into teams and chase each other through the yard—the team with the last dry player wins, but everyone gets their cardio workout for the day!

Dance Competition

TikTok made family dance-offs an everyday sport. Whether your teams perfect the guided steps or create their own routines, this is a fun, creative outdoor game for all ages—and a memory no one will soon forget. If you’re fortunate to have older dance lovers in your family, give them a chance to teach the youngsters more traditional dance steps. Foxtrot, anyone?

Swimmers Obstacle Course

If you have a pool in the backyard, use your creativity to make up a swimming obstacle course with challenges that meet every player’s skill level. You can also incorporate pool toys like floats, noodles, hula hoops and beach balls to keep things interesting. Time each participant individually, or form teams to make it a relay. A Tuuci Swim Under parasol makes the perfect finish line, so everyone can catch their breath and relax in the shade before another round. Beyond relay races, the M1 Swim Under creates a perfect shady spot to give you a break from the sun—without stepping out of the pool.

When the weather cooperates, getting outside and being creative with activities is a great way to bond with family and friends and build lifelong memories. Whatever outdoor family games you choose, you’ll all be rejuvenated by the fresh air and a little friendly competition. To keep everyone safe, be sure to stay hydrated and retreat to the shade throughout your day of play. Don’t be surprised when everyone wants to make game day a regular family tradition!

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