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Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Sustainability

For over two decades, we have been guided by our love of the natural environment and our community in everything we do. As we enter our third decade, we continue our commitment to the following principles and continuously challenge ourselves to do better.

“We spend our days thinking about outdoor living today while caring for tomorrow, and that greatly affects our way of doing business.”

Responsible Operations

The high standards we set for our products’ functionality and durability transitions to how we operate our facilities. Our company continues to explore innovative opportunities to minimize material waste, while maintaining our premium quality. We aim to reduce our ecological footprint as we reduce our waste.

We recycle plastics, aluminum, steel, paper, and cardboard used in our products, packaging, and supplies. Our product components are 100% recyclable, as is our packaging. We strive to streamline as much as possible into fewer shipments, saving energy and fuel.

Our office recycling and reduced waste program further drives our effort to decrease our organization’s footprint. This includes revamping of waste hauler contracts, educating employees with informative material on proper recycling solutions, omission of plastic water bottles and single-use containers, and a company- wide commitment to building a sustainable future.

Product Durability

We engineer our products for a lifetime of serviceability and build the most durable outdoor umbrellas, cabanas, and lounges to ensure they withstand the test of time. Our products are produced with durable, marine grade components and engineered for a lifetime of serviceability. Designing for longevity with replaceable parts reduces global waste, saves landfill space, conserves energy, and lowers emissions of pollutants. Through our designs, we ensure less disposal of our products which saves landfill space, less impact on the environment, and conserves energy.

Our wood frames are made from 100% plantation grown hardwoods, which are both renewable and sustainable. The teak used in our Nautical Teak collection is certified as FLEGT/V-legal—the certification for sustainable forestry.


We believe good deeds begin at home. Through philanthropic and volunteer efforts, Tuuci’s sense of community is a cornerstone of the company’s foundation. Providing charitable outreach across a host of environmental and humanitarian concerns, Tuuci contributes to several local organizations, providing educational programs and support to those closest to us.

Locally Made

Tuuci proudly manufactures in North America and Asia, with distribution consolidation in Europe. Local production reduces the distance our finished products travel before arriving at our client’s site, which lessens the overall environmental impact of our products. Tuuci employs more than 400 people in our neighboring communities, directly contributing to our local economies and generating hundreds of other opportunities indirectly. These conscious decisions to invest locally and manufacture responsibly have created a path for Tuuci to create high performance shade well into the future. Born in Miami. Living Worldwide.

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