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10 Beach and Ocean Cleanup Organizations to Support This Holiday Season


The holiday season is a time for giving back, and one of the best ways to do that is to support organizations that are working to protect our planet. Here are ten beach and ocean cleanup organizations that are making a difference—both in the United States and internationally—and are worthy of your consideration this holiday season.

United States

Miami Waterkeeper is an organization whose mission is to ensure swimmable, drinkable, fishable water for all. Tuuci has supported their cleanup projects in Biscayne Bay as they work to protect South Florida’s native ecosystems such as coral reefs, mangroves, wetlands, and seagrasses.

Blue Scholars Initiative fosters ocean stewardship through Biscayne Bay connections and leads coastal and waterway cleanups in South Florida. They have been active in engaging, educating, and empowering youth and community members through hands-on marine science education to foster a connection to the ocean and maintain long-term environmental stewardship. Tuuci team members have supported their educational and cleanup projects.

Oceana uses science and advocacy to win policy changes that protect marine life and habitats. Oceana has been instrumental in passing many important ocean conservation laws, including the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Ocean Conservancy works to protect oceans and waterways from today’s greatest global challenges. They lead the annual International Coastal Cleanup, the world’s largest volunteer-led environmental event. Ocean Conservancy also works to reduce plastic pollution, conserve fish and wildlife, and address climate change.

Coral Restoration Foundation is headquartered in Key Largo, Florida and is the largest reef restoration organization in the world. To date, they’ve restored more than 17,500 square meters of Florida’s Coral Reef, and they engage the local community through dive programs, educational activities, scientific collaborations, and outreach.


The Ocean Cleanup develops and scales technologies to rid the oceans of plastic. Their largest project is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a massive collection of plastic debris in the North Pacific Ocean.

Conservation International places strong focus on marine conservation and works to protect coral reefs, mangroves, and other important marine habitats. Conservation International also works to reduce overfishing and other threats to marine life.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) works to protect marine mammals, sea turtles, and other important marine species. They also focus on reducing plastic pollution and other threats to marine life.

Reef Resilience Network is a partnership led by The Nature Conservancy, providing reef managers and practitioners with online and hands-on training to help them improve management and conservation of coral reefs around the world. To date, 88% of the 105 countries and territories with coral reefs have received training from Reef Resilience. 

We Forest works to restore and conserve forests around the world, including the Casamance Mangroves in south Senegal. Villages in Senegal rely on the mangroves to protect them from storms and to support agriculture, fishing, and shellfish harvesting.

How to Support Beach and Ocean Cleanup Organizations This Holiday Season

There are many ways to support beach and ocean cleanup organizations this holiday season. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a donation: Support a beach or ocean cleanup organization with a monetary donation. Many organizations offer one-time or recurring donation options, which are also tax-deductible.
  • Volunteer your time: Many beach and ocean cleanup organizations rely on volunteers to help with their work. You can volunteer to help with beach cleanups, educational programs, or other tasks.
  • Spread the word: One of the best ways to support beach and ocean cleanup organizations is to spread the word about their work. Talk to your friends and family about your partnership with these organizations and encourage them to get involved with protecting our oceans.

This holiday season and particularly on Giving Tuesday, consider supporting a beach or ocean cleanup organization. Your support can help to protect our oceans and marine life for current and future generations.

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