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The Latest Trends in Poolside Living


In 2024, the allure of poolside living has evolved into a symphony of comfort, style, and purposeful design. With the rise of remote work and a growing desire for resort-style luxury at home, outdoor spaces have become more than just backyards; they’re extensions of our indoor living environments, crafted to accommodate relaxation, productivity, holistic wellness, and joyful gatherings. Let’s dive into the latest trends shaping poolside design this year.

Personal curations

Just as interiors are a reflection of your own personal style, outdoor spaces should feel special and unique to you. This is true whether you’re designing outdoor spaces for a family residence or a hospitality brand. For more permanent pieces, work with brands that offer tailored options, from fabric colors and patterns to wood finishes and embellishments.

Al fresco living

Outdoor spaces are evolving into true extensions of our homes in both single- and multi-family residences. Large, modular seating delivers all the comfort of the family room sectional, draped in performance textiles that resist weather and everyday spills. Furnishings with warm wood tones add sophistication, while luxe textures in throws and pillows add maximum comfort. Outdoor kitchens are also on the rise, delivering all the conveniences required for the savviest family chefs and at-home entertaining.

Focus on well-being

As we spend more time at home, there’s an increasing emphasis on creating dedicated outdoor spaces for physical and spiritual wellness activities, such as yoga and meditation. This can mean creating a shady spot on the lawn for rolling out a yoga mat or installing a Tuuci Bay Master M1 Swim Under parasol for quiet mornings in the pool.

One with nature

In addition to sourcing materials that are durable and responsibly made, the latest designs capitalize on outdoor experiences by blending almost seamlessly with the natural environment. Colors, patterns and even sculptures such as the Stingray are inspired by the surrounding landscape or nearby aquatic life. Color palettes are leaning towards lush, comforting tones like aqua blues and greens, earthy browns and deep plums—colors that help ground us and evoke a sense of well-being.

Outside work areas

With the freedom to work from anywhere, the creation of outdoor workspaces is also on the rise. Shade is always an important element in outdoor design, but especially when creating comfortable workstations that offer sun protection and reduce glare. Pergolas and cabanas like the Tuuci Solanox are a great choice for shading both lounge seating and dining tables while providing the necessary electrical outlets for maximum productivity. The cabana’s design maintains full views of the surrounding landscape, giving a sense of private seclusion while enjoying the open air.

Poolside living is about more than just relaxation; it’s about creating an oasis that supports every aspect of your lifestyle—both personally and professionally. With the right design elements and thoughtful choices, your outdoor space invites to savor each moment. So, whether you’re relaxing in quiet solitude, achieving professional goals, or entertaining family and friends, let the latest poolside trends inspire you to transform your outdoor space into a true sanctuary.


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