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How to Personalize Your Tuuci Shade


Just like personalization has reinvented the world of fashion design, Tuuci recognizes that customization is essential to creating outdoor spaces that reflect your own unique style. From our extensive selection of premium, marine grade textiles and canopy enhancements to premium finish options and integrated comforts, here are just 10 of the many ways we’ll help you personalize your Tuuci shade to create a one-of-a-kind retreat.

Virtual Shade Studio

Like a virtual fitting room, the Tuuci Shade Studio helps you visualize shade creations before you buy. This user-friendly interface walks you through all your design options and presents 3D renderings of your tailored parasols, cabanas, and planters. All your customizations and enhancements are viewed in real time, so you can easily visualize the design in your space and make adjustments as you go.

Taking your indoor style outdoors

The greatest benefit to a well-designed outdoor oasis is the way it extends the square footage of your home or business. Freestanding cabanas like the Tuuci Solanox offer incredible design flexibility that accommodate the size of your space and the ways you plan to use it. With a variety of dimensions available, these outdoor living rooms can be finished with the same level of comfort and personal style that you’ve created indoors, including intimate seating arrangements, dining tables that double as workstations, and reclined chaise lounges.

Parasol shapes and profiles

From classic lines and crescents to the sculptural Stingray silhouette inspired by ocean life, Tuuci masters the art of shade architecture with thoughtful creativity. Whether you prefer a more traditional design aesthetic or lean into surprising whimsy, Tuuci has created a full line of parasols to help you achieve a perfectly tailored outdoor space.

Ocean Master M1 Classic with double-sided canopy

A full spectrum of color

Whether you’re at home in soothing, classic neutrals or bold, energetic tones, our full palette of marine-grade textiles lets you write your own color story. You’re also not limited to a single selection. Double-sided canopies let you combine two coordinating fabrics that showcase your creativity and build visual interest.

Ocean Master MAX Nautical Teak with contrasting pockets, binding and wind vent

Subtle statements

Timeless fashion statements begin with a sophisticated neutral backdrop, accented by eye-catching color. Alternating panels, accent borders, and contrasting pockets and wind vents give you full control over how much or how little color you choose to add to your design. All three features are visible on both sides of the canopy, so they can be enjoyed from a distance or while lounging beneath the umbrella’s shade.

Bay Master M1 Classic with Double-sided canopy and screen printing

Personalized patterns

Elevate the signature touch of your outdoor shade even further with Tuuci’s custom textiles or full screen-printing capabilities. Thanks to Tuuci’s collaborations with premium fabric suppliers, this bespoke approach transforms parasols into canvases for artistic expression and ensures that each moment spent in the shade becomes a truly unique experience.

Ocean Master MAX Classic Cantilever in Natural AlumaTEAK, neutral textile and cord fringe.

All about accessories

Nothing says “tailor made” like finishing touches. Adding a fringe embellishment to your Tuuci umbrella introduces an undeniable touch of glamour and sophistication to outdoor spaces. Choose from two decorative options: the classic cord fringe (shown) or the more textural brush fringe. Both will contribute to the visual allure of the parasol and create a sense of movement and playfulness.

Ocean Master M1 Pagoda with double-sided canopy, alternating panels, and tassels

Tassels along the edge of your parasol create a sense of elegance and Mediterranean charm. These finely crafted details are available in a spectrum of colors, thoughtfully coordinated to complement Tuuci’s broad selection of fabrics.

Like contrast stitching that highlights the craftsmanship of a dress or finely tailored suit jacket, Tuuci’s contrast binding and piping beautifully outline a parasol’s graceful shape and symmetry. This embellishment is carefully applied to the edge and vent of the canopy, offering a touch of personalized style with a variety of colors to choose from.

Flawless finishes

With nearly 20 premium, marine-grade finishes to choose from, Tuuci frames beautifully combine form and function.  Our powder coat finishes are ideal for more modern aesthetics, while Aluma-TEAK finishes deliver the timeless appearance of natural hardwood.

Tailored for comfort

Beyond visual design choices, Tuuci offers custom features that add even greater comfort and simplicity to your outdoor experience. With the ability to integrate a touchpad interface that automatically opens and closes your canopy, Ambia LED lighting, and radiant heat, Tuuci makes it easy to extend your enjoyment of the outdoors throughout any time of day or season of the year.

With so many design options to choose from, it’s easy to see how virtually every Tuuci customer receives a one-of-a-kind creation. Whether you’re creating a backyard sanctuary or a shared patio for customers, we have all the details covered that make the space a unique expression of your design aesthetic. To begin tailoring your own Tuuci design, simply click the CUSTOMIZE button at the top of any product page or visit our Shade Finder to help guide you through each decision. When your outdoor products are designed just for you, they’ll never go out of style. Wherever your inspiration leads, we can’t wait to build the shade of your dreams.

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