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Getting Ready – Expert Tips to Love Your Backyard in the New Year


As the year rushes to a close, many of us will be writing resolutions for everything we’d like to accomplish in the next 12 months. This is a great time to think about personal development goals, as well as the aspirations you have for your home. If one of your resolutions is to spend more time enjoying your outdoor spaces this year, here are some expert tips for creating a backyard oasis you’ll love in every season.

Create a Focal Point

Professional landscapers begin each design by selecting a focal point for the yard. A variety of features can serve as an outdoor focal point, depending on the size of your property and budget. A swimming pool, outdoor kitchen or fireplace, and comfortable seating area under a cantilever can all serve as the key attraction for your outdoor space. Once you identify what your focal point is and where it will be located, the rest of the landscape design will grow from there (no pun intended).

Plan Now: There’s No Time Like the Present

You don’t have to wait for the New Year to start planning your ideal backyard sanctuary. Autumn is the time to plant perennial bulbs that will bloom next spring. Add some color to existing flower beds or even garden containers. You’ll need to choose a location that receives at least six hours of sunlight each day, with rich soil that drains well and doesn’t become soggy. Dig a hole three times as deep as the bulb’s height, and place bulbs in the ground with the point facing up. Daffodils and tulips are great choices for planting in early fall, about six weeks before the ground is expected to freeze. They’ll reward you with early blooms next year as the rest of your garden lies dormant a bit longer.

Design the Perfect Setup

If you haven’t been taking advantage of your outdoor spaces as much as you’d like, what’s missing? It’s helpful to think of your yard as the floorplan of a house, with different activities designated for each zone. What would you enjoy doing with friends and family if your backyard had the perfect setup? Some potential zones could include a garden, cooking and dining area, fire pit, lawn games and shaded seating. Even if you stagger your projects to create one zone at a time, having a comprehensive plan from the beginning will help your space feel tied together when it’s all complete.

Add Privacy

At times, we avoid outdoor spaces when we feel they don’t offer enough privacy. Once your designated zones have been determined, it’s time to think about where and how privacy could be added to help you enjoy them to their fullest. There are many ways to screen your space from neighbors, such as fencing, evergreen trees and hedges. Large pots of lemon grass can be placed around pool and patio areas to provide both a privacy screen and natural mosquito repellant.

Incorporate Shade

To comfortably enjoy time in your backyard throughout the seasons, it’s important to create a balance between full sun and cool shade. Consider the zones that will benefit most from adding a parasol or shade structure, such as poolside patios and dining areas. A Tuuci Solanox Cabana is a unique way to create a gorgeous focal point, add privacy, and provide shade with a single feature. You can select the size, shape and finish that will best complement your space. These cabanas also include built-in lighting and infrared heaters so you can enjoy this cozy spot throughout the year, day or night.

Upgrading your home’s outdoor areas will boost not only your enjoyment of the space, but also your home’s market value. Use these expert tips to help thoughtfully plan how you can get the most out of your outdoor oasis.

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