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Great Design in the Great
Outdoors White Paper


Great Design in the Great Outdoors is a designer’s guide to creating impactful outdoor experiences.

From our need for respite, our biological instincts to be outdoors, and how outdoor spaces are being utilized, ThinkLab’s white paper provides a comprehensive picture of why great design in the great outdoors is of critical importance today.

Across every vertical, we see the benefits of the outdoors. In hospitality, patrons will wait longer for an outdoor table and guests will pay more for a room with a view. In education, student focus improves with outdoor stimulation, and in healthcare, patients have more favorable outcomes when they can see nature from their room. Let’s not forget that while the benefits of the outdoors are valuable to corporate employees (increased focus, improved creativity, etc.), all verticals have workers in them – such as hotel workers in hospitality, doctors in healthcare, and teachers in education. As a result, organizations are turning to more intentional outdoor spaces that not only invite users to take advantage of the entire space, but also serve to attract people to their business, and retain employees who work there.

According to the ThinkLab Outdoor Experiences survey, here are the top 3 reasons aesthetics of outdoor spaces contribute to the success of the overall built environment:

There is one common denominator throughout all verticals: the need for shade and shelter. To seamlessly incorporate comfortable work setups and manageable temperatures to our outdoor space, we must first accommodate for sunlight. Then we can turn to layering in other indoor elements that make an outdoor space great.

Our bodies relax in pleasant, natural surroundings because they evolved there. Our senses are adapted to interpret information about plants and streams, not traffic and high-rises.

— National Geographic

Today more than ever, the A&D community is tasked with an important goal – incorporating outdoor spaces into the footprint of design to transform an environment into a place people want to be.

For more tips, benefits, and design checklists, download the full white paper.

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