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What’s trending in this year’s outdoor living spaces? Design inspirations have expanded from small patios to infinite spaces while transcending seasons.

The outdoor design trends we see taking over in 2018 are stylishly smart, versatile, uniquely provocative, and “all out” appeasement to the senses!

Overall, this year’s outdoor design trends encourage mixing rather than matching–whether individual or group pieces. It’s fun, choose diverse elements and marry them with the unexpected. For instance, wicker seating paired with a wood or iron table and steel framed modular sofa with a stone fire pit table. As we creatively juxtapose materials for designing outdoor living, we tend to introduce an innovative design perspective.

This summer, gardenscapes will show off furniture, fabrics, and accent noteworthy accessories. Quiet grays, rich jewel tones, and nature-inspired hues continue to liven this trend while geometrics and laid back solids vie for attention. This year’s designs integrate a variety of natural elements. To name a few:

  • Weathered copper
  • Seasonal wicker
  • Painted steel/aluminum
  • Raw and finished concrete with the advent of porcelain tiles

Let our vision take us further on how outdoor trends are heating up this summer:

Outdoor Trend Setters That Are Fired Up

Fire pit tables, crystal fire burners, fireplaces and vertical heaters. These features help outdoor spaces achieve warmth, relaxation, and entertainment.

Fire features are great focal points for spaces that lack adequate entertainment. They also serve to ignite conversation and relaxation while experiencing an “ah” moment” within nature.

Sizzling Outdoor Kitchens & Bars

These functional outdoor kitchens are heightening garden experiences for those whose lifestyles are immersed in the pleasures of cocktails and culinary entertaining. Due to the rise of materials and resources readily available in today’s marketplace, we find DIY enthusiasts creating outdoor spaces dedicated to bar lounges and fresco dining.

Inside-Style Furniture

Interior furniture is transcending outside spaces in 2018. Think stylish steel-framed modular sofas, fashionable wicker ensembles, and sleek laminate and wood pieces. These pieces are minimal with an urban vibe.

Through the advancement of textiles, outdoor living furniture comes with versatile upholstery and covers infused with brilliant colors and organic textures. It is becoming surprisingly difficult to distinguish certain outdoor furniture from its indoor counterparts.

“Cool” Accessories

Bring out the “cool” with sculptural shades, commercial-grade parasols, and other innovative designs. Cool means being in the “shade” as these accent garden accessories take on double duty in providing personal comfort while diffusing the summer heat.


Strip lighting mounted under outdoor seating, benches, steps and other structural elements is also an outdoor design trend this year. String lights continue to highlight the scene when along garden features, evoking a soft and subdued ambiance.

Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi – one of the most exciting outdoor design trends of 2018. This Japanese-inspired concept redefines the visual imperfections of vegetation as “perfect.” The beauty of imperfection is a “hands-off” approach to garden design which views moss-covered stones, overgrown perennials, rusty iron gates, cracked pottery accents and weathered posts as being aesthetically in harmony with nature.

As you design your outdoor space this year, know that 2018’s trends are minimalist, neutral, and natural. This style will stay on trend for years to come.

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