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Outdoor Garden Trends of 2019 – Ahead of the Curve


We’re loving where 2019 is headed. Designers and architects are fully embracing outdoor patios, beaches and decks as a relaxing extension of our living and entertaining spaces, allowing our agile lifestyles to seamlessly flow from cozy indoor areas to the open-air beauty of Mother Nature’s surroundings.

As you build visions of trendy, welcoming gardens for your property (or one you’re designing) consider exploring some of the hottest features predicted for the year ahead.

Explore the Versatility of Topiaries

Evergreens maintain a fresh, lush appearance year round in all climates, making them a go-to for sustainable, low-maintenance outdoor spaces. Whether boxwood, holly or privet is fashioned into a modern business logo, or a more simple spiral or sphere, the greenery makes a vibrant visual impact under the sun or a layer of snow.

Topiaries easily define spaces, add texture and create depth, according to David and Harry Rich from the BBC’s Garden Rescue. Consider using topiaries to partition an outdoor dining space, delineate a pool area from the lawn or enhance a stone walkway between outdoor recreation areas.

Think of the Outdoors as Rooms

The Rich brothers also predict a shift in how garden areas are zoned. Instead of visualizing a single outdoor space, expect to see more partitions creating shifts in mood and feel within an outdoor space.

These can be achieved by using earth elements, like the aforementioned topiaries, barriers of natural grasses, stone walls, hedges and manmade structures, such as cabanas and lounges.

For example, the intimacy of the Solanox pavilion-style cabana creates a private VIP experience for celebrated guests or luxury homeowners. The optional trellis walls with solar screen allow for refreshing airflow while the marine grade fabric protects from direct sun.

The Garden Media Group’s 2019 Garden Trends Report focuses on how we interact with the natural world. This year they’re highlighting how to connect with nature and honor it mindfully.

As designers, the notion of using sustainable products and capitalizing on the inherent beauty available within a space, rather than trying to create an artificial moment, are increasing. Imagine a restaurant that features an outdoor salad greens and herb garden for patio-dining guests to admire. They can learn how fresh basil, kale, arugula and oregano grow, knowing those plants will eventually find their way into the menu’s entrees.

Offer Ample Purpose and Function

Whether it’s a backyard oasis or a rooftop hotel garden, space is often at a premium. Whenever possible, make the features in your outdoor area have multiple benefits and purposes, suggests the property professionals at

Large stones double as casual seating around a fire pit or lagoon-style pool and flower-blanketed trellises become privacy fences. But, what about engaging our senses too? Water features are not only visually interesting, the trickling water also creates a sense of calm.

The same can be said for the outdoor furniture you use. For example, a hammock instantly evokes a laid-back resort vibe, offers a cozy spot for couples to cuddle, while adding a pop of color to the landscape.

We love staying ahead of the curve and assisting our clients in their remodeling and design needs. If you’re ready to browse structures that help define an outdoor space, we’d love to join you on your journey. Contact Tuuci® today.

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