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Spanish Patio Design – Ideas and Inspiration for Your Next Project


Spanish patio design evokes fresh, vibrant energy while displaying intimate charm and slight imperfections.

Whether you’re in Barcelona, Madrid, or the Midwest, Spanish designed patios feature distinct design and can be accomplished within a wide range of design budget.

The traditional Spanish patio serves as the center for dining, entertaining, and relaxation. It’s commonly featured with a variety of decorative floor treatments –like brick, terracotta, and flagstone. These materials bring a rustic touch and old-world charm to modern atmospheres.


Spanish themed patios feature earth tones and vibrant accents. This combination of color continues to be on trend into 2019 with accent colors like honey mustard yellow, hot paprika red, burnt orange, jalapeno green, deep blue, and cool-ocean turquoise.

These colors are frequently displayed in beautiful mosaic garden seats, wall and floor tiles, pottery, tableware, and traditional Spanish wood furniture. Furniture made from distressed wood, wrought iron, rattan, and stone are also reminiscent of the traditional Spanish style patio and pair well with the hues mentioned above.


Spanish patios should come alive, bursting with lush vegetation. Series of vines and brilliant Bougainville embellish stucco walls, trellises, and wrought iron fences while providing a sense of privacy. Terracotta urns with thick ivy trails and hanging baskets with geraniums replicate the colorful Spanish culture.

Use soft Spanish moss, flowering shrubs like lavender, and tall hedges to outline your space. As an added feature, partner with your restaurant or hotel’s cocktail bar to provide thyme, rosemary, and oregano for tapas or seasonal cocktails.

Accents & Art

Common to the Old-World design is patios decorated with tin-glazed pottery, mirrors aged in tarnished metal, and historical regalia brought by the Spanish during the Colonial period. From here, you can choose between carefully-cluttered décor or crisp, clean lines and geometric shapes. Depending on your property and theme, you have a lot of options.

Light & Dark

Spain and sun go hand in hand so choose shade structures or parasols that continue your Spanish flair. Single cantilever patio parasols provide expansive shade with minimal floor space which makes them a smart choice for busy patios or poolside’s. Choose a natural base with a Spanish-inspired canopy color to unify your patio top to bottom.

As the sun sets, Spanish lanterns and string lights should illuminate your space’s ambiance. Spotlight vegetation, art, or fire to create striking effects that bring elements of nature together.

Spanish patio design offers a timeless style that exudes the warmth, charm, and vibrancy of outdoor living space.

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