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Simple Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Space Season to Season


Minimal decor shifts can welcome patio visitors into an upcoming season.

As warm summer days transition to cooler fall mornings, or brisk wintry evenings melt into spring afternoons, inspire outdoor guests to embrace Mother Nature’s magic and spend more time under the sun and stars.

Update Floral Arrangements

Both the vases and blooms displayed on restaurant dining tables and sitting areas can set a seasonal mood. When decorating outdoor spaces, we love the look of clear, delicate glass vessels filled with bold, bright blooms during the spring and summer, and heavier ceramic or wood vases featuring sprigs of evergreens, pinecones and leaves for fall and winter.

Work with a local florist to create arrangements that accent the signature colors and style of the business as well as the season.

Revamp Lighting Patterns

Is it a warm, intimate atmosphere you’re trying to create? Or, should the space be airy and bright? Changing your lighting to match the season creates the feel you want for the outdoor space. Simple updates include adding or removing oil-burning lamps, strings of decorative bulbs or the use of fire pits.

You can also close or open canopies on shade parasols to adjust the amount of sunlight in a space, reposition movable walls and planters to block or reveal sunrises and sunsets or make use of outdoor cabana features by adjusting cloth walls to allow more or less light into a specific area.


Slip Menus Into New Folios

Cafes, bars and restaurants with open-air seating generally update their menus to accommodate the flavors of a new season. Take this practice one step further and slip the paper menus into new folios that compliment the menu.

Heavier, leather-bound folios can show off cozy comfort foods during cool weather. Lightweight woven raffia folios mesh well with spring and summer fare.

Use Seasonal Place Settings

Much like the updates to menus and folios, an establishment could consider seasonal silverware and glassware options.

Lightweight porcelain bowls for summer soups, clear glasses for spring cocktails and heavy ceramic crocks for hearty winter stews all amplify the season being celebrated.


Swap Out Rugs and Pillows

Introduce a new color or vibe when decorating outdoor spaces by swapping out the area rugs, accent floor coverings and pillows.

During the holidays we love the idea of scattering a few novelty pillows featuring snowflakes or evergreen trees to celebrate the season. When warm weather arrives, add a pop of sunshine to the space with lighter, brighter pillows and rugs.

As we prepare for the season ahead, it’s also a good time to consider upgrading any worn or outdated anchor pieces, such as tables, chairs, loungers or patio parasols. Contact Tuuci® today for assistance with adding shade structures equipped with heating and lighting to keep guests cozy year-round.

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