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Outdoor Design Using Shapes – How to Create Energy & Ambiance


The psychology of lines sways perceptions and solidifies purpose. Circular swirls, pointed triangles, and sturdy rectangles all play a part in defining the mood of the outdoor space you’re imagining. Each day you’re subliminally influenced by shapes in design. Do you know how?


Circles Evoke Softness

We’ve all seen lush grottos featuring bean-shaped swimming pools flanked with natural boulders, tropical foliage, and a trickling waterfall. There’s no secret that those smooth, curving lines bring tranquility to space when compared to a common rectangular pool framed only with a cement deck and nothing more.

Present a soft, approachable aesthetic to any outdoor environment by incorporating rounded edges, circles, and flowing lines. Achieve this with landscaping features, choice furniture and the position of these elements. Stray from rigid linear arrangements and instead adopt half-moon or ‘s’ shapes to bring circular elements into the design.


Rectangles Represent Sturdiness

When drawing up ideas for a corporate office outdoor space or a shopping center’s courtyard, solid engineering is a must. Straight, bold rectangles make visitors feel safe and familiar and in a trusted environment. This comfort level creates the perfect backdrop for business negotiations.

Since rectangles feel balanced and practical, they show up most often in design projects. It’s not uncommon to see the softness of a circular parasol floating above an elongated, familiar rectangular couch featuring round pillows. Combining circles and rectangles creates a welcoming, gentle mood that is often sought after for an outdoor environment.


Triangles Direct Us

Go bold with regal triangular elements. These shapes can point our eyes to a specific focal point, whether it’s a brand on the side of the building or a stunning overlook with a view.

Triangles naturally exude powerful energy, structure, order, and vibrancy. Their deliberate use is often seen in parasol shapes, signage, whirlpools, tile and in smaller details such as table-top decor or logos printed on other shapes. When placed with the point up, a sturdy base is implied. When inverted, a whimsical ambiance emanates.


Abstract Shapes Showcase Creativity

Natural, organic free-flowing shapes stand out because they’re uncommon and new to the eye. They capture attention and flaunt outside-the-box thinking, a perfect decor element for an establishment with the goal of breaking stereotypes or standing out.

Abstract shapes can be incorporated into every element of design. They encourage viewers to equate the item to something they already know. Does that parasol resemble an ocean wave? Is that walkway a magical path to a fairytale moment? Ignite creativity with abstract shapes!

Tuuci® offers parasols in a variety of linear and abstract forms to enhance the mood and style of the outdoor space you’re customizing. We can also add logos to the fabric to help you make a statement. Are you ready to meet your personal account manager to discuss your project? Contact us today to get started.

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