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Five Stunning Locations to Inspire Your Next Design Project


A change of scenery allows us to think and visualize beyond our usual boundaries. Our eyes light up at new ways to combine shapes, lines, and hues. Our senses are heightened as we dive into defining comfort. Now, let’s wander. Get inspired by the colors, culture, and classic beauty of a few of our favorite inspirational locations.



As the cultural and governmental center of Denmark, Copenhagen (seen above) is rich with development including both classic and modern architectural styles. The picturesque district of Nyhavn features iconic pastel buildings bordering boat-filled canals.

Although the city is known for progressive urban planning, Copenhagen also boasts beaches and harborfront areas. The Islands Brygge waterfront includes visually compelling residential and commercial design. With countless street-level retail shops selling Scandinavian designs, even the most trained eye will be inspired.


Bermuda is well known for pink sand beaches, crystal clear waters and iconic white stepped roofs. Originally born out of function, not fashion, white roofs helped residents gather fresh rainwater. Now, these roofs, coupled with the bright pastel colors of Bermuda’s homes are a visual wonder.

The ever-present rainbow of colors help to make Bermuda among the most beautiful destinations on earth. The island will help to inspire designers to use even the most bold of color choices during their next interior project.

The Maldives

This stunning tropical nation in the Indian ocean will ignite your plans to create an oasis drenched in decorative coral, dense flora, and sand features. Look to the crystal clear waters for a million shades of blue ranging from pale icy tones to deep sapphire.

When it comes to structures, the grass-thatched huts on stilts, ocean-edged swimming pools, and natural wooden decks are must-sees when creating a serene, rustic ocean-inspired space.

Adirondack Mountains

During fall, this northeastern New York mountain range transforms into a cornucopia of oranges, golds, rusts, and greens to inspire a vibrant earth tone color scheme. Looking for texture ideas too? Peek close at the seasonal tree bark, curved pebble walkways and natural stone outcroppings for inspiration. The Adirondacks emit a sense of vibrancy, renewal, and boldness. Even the sunsets cast a rainbow of colors over the rural land.


China’s largest city expertly merges the old with the new and nature with technology. Historic temples become visible while riding high-speed trains away from the city. Clusters of cherry blossoms reflect in the glass windows of modern skyscrapers. Traditional paper lanterns hang from homes illuminated with modern bulbs. These juxtapositions can be studied and implemented in your next modern-rustic fusion space to create a sense of wonder and appreciation for the past and present.

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