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Design Trends from HD Expo
We Can’t Get Enough Of


If you need a little inspiration for your upcoming projects, these top trends from the HD Expo are sure to do the trick.

Creativity abounds! We just spent time at the Hospitality & Design Expo in Las Vegas viewing some of the most intriguing and indulgent products to elevate your interior and exterior design concepts.

Trend #1: Lush Vegetation

Green is in and we aren’t just talking about eco-conscious manufacturing. This season when you refresh a property, bring the outdoors in with opulent potted trees, raised gardens of fragrant species and flowering vines to decorate walls.

This approach to interior design creates a sense of calm and natural renewal. If you choose to incorporate blooming florals, your color choices can coordinate with the establishment’s logo, creating cohesive branding and fresh energy in the space.

Trend #2: Neutral Palette with Purposeful Pops of Color

Choosing a basic earth tone as your anchor color creates a clean, uncluttered look. We’re loving soft shades of sand, brown, cream, sage green, white and gray.

Then, direct guests to focus on key visuals in the space by making them colorful. Plush pillows, indulgent hammocks, invigorating artwork or signature glassware can all become focal points.

Trend #3: Functional Art

When you’re short on space or simply want to create a minimalist vibe, choose art with a purpose for both interior and exterior spaces.

We love the idea of colorful, octagon-shape canopies that shade diners on a restaurant patio or using decorative acoustical panels as wall art and sound control. Of course, custom designed light fixtures can be stylish while creating a specific mood too.

Trend #4: Modular Furniture & Accessories

When modern, sleek and economical are the client’s criteria, modular decor should be considered. We love how portable and interchangeable this type of furniture can be to quickly refresh the flow and layout of a space.

If you’re designing a lobby or sitting area, choose pieces that can be rearranged with ease to accommodate specific events. We love a mix of backless, corner and elongated sofa pieces paired with geometric-shape end tables, coffee tables and shade canopies.

Trend #5: Thin Linear Designs

The delicacy of this look creates an open feel with more breathing room. We love the acknowledgment and inclusion of negative space when choosing decor and designing an area.

Select light fixtures with a sleek profile, not bulky bases. Open-backed wrought iron chairs are more airy than plush upholstery. You can also incorporate a thin linear style in the intentional layout of a space. A narrow-width planting of slender decorative grasses, versus a sprawling garden, opens up a brick patio space while still incorporating an earthy element.

Feeling inspired? So are we. If you’re working on an outdoor design project, let us help you add function and style to the space. Contact Tuuci® today to complete your vision.

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