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How to Create a
Modern Restaurant Patio


With society’s movement towards minimalism, it’s no wonder restaurants are turning towards clean, contemporary patios and outdoor spaces.

Modern design lends an approach to simplicity and defined elements that focus on function over form. The result makes for a casual and comfortable dining experience without the visual clutter.

Modern style patios are trending in today’s restaurant industry. Modernism reflects the use of minimalist elements with clean lines creating an expanded illusion of space. The “less is more” concept allows patrons to slow down their dining experience and savor the intricate details of the space.

Creating a modern restaurant patio is all about reducing design elements to their simplest form while focusing on these fundamental ideas:


Bring Indoor Color Out

Indoor dining areas that have an existing color scheme can maintain continuity by bringing the same colors out to the patio. Mix and match furnishings within the color palette to summarize its overall concept.

Keep chairs, coverings, and tables color-neutral. The best place to add pops of colors are:

  • Patio parasols
  • Greenery and shrubs
  • Accent pillows and rugs
  • Modern art

These colorful accents paired with neutral mainstays will maintain a clean and sophisticated look, whether you’re designing a high-end rooftop bar or casual lunch spot.


Patio Accents

A patio’s color palette can be used as the common denominator for playing up accent accessories in brilliant abstracts, undulating geometrics, and bold solids.

If you select a color for furniture coverings or fabric accents, know that greens, blues, and violets are more resistant to sun fading. Red is typically the first color on the spectrum to fade.


Shade Above It All

Well-engineered patio parasols provide both shade and modern design—all while creating a sense of intimacy.

For modern restaurant patios, select a zero-horizon parasol over a classic or rounded. Zero-horizon parasols create clean, sharp lines while making your patio seem expansive.

Non-traditional shade sculptures also create a modern look, especially if the main elements in your space feature right angles and crisp lines. This juxtaposition keeps your patio interesting and Instagram-worthy.



There’s become a greater demand in the outdoor furniture industry for high-end contemporary furniture manufactured with sustainable materials. These materials range from metal, synthetic resin wicker, teak, and everything in between.

Gardens and plants have also becoming attuned to protecting the environment. Select vegetation indigenous to your region to reduce the strain on plants, soil, energy use, and other maintenance factors.


Concrete is Paving Its Way

Concrete floors, seating, and grill centers give way to a modern industrial feel. Concrete lends design versatility in raw or finished, painted or shaped treatments that can transform into built-in planters and seating concepts. Eco-friendly vegetation can be introduced to create visual stimuli to the overall effect.

Creating a modern restaurant patio requires planning, quality materials, and space. However, thoughtful outdoor dining adds value to your brand and attracts new customers. Browse Tuuci®’s durable, modern commercial parasols and create the perfect space today.

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