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Five Modern Patio Design
Ideas for Your Restaurant


The season for outdoor brunches, casual business lunches, and date-night dinners is upon us.

Sure, your culinary prowess shines with your updated warm-weather menu and your summer libations list is lengthy, but is your outdoor space inviting? Do guests return often? If your modern restaurant patio design could use a little refresh for the bustling days ahead, get ready to be inspired.

As you pull the patio tables and chairs from storage and begin arranging your al fresco dining space for the season, you might naturally come across some worn features or outdated styles that need a little TLC. Before popping the parasols and seating patio guests, refresh your decor and consider these updates.


Create welcoming walkways.

You’ve thought about wide passages, even ground surfaces, and handrails next to steps, but have you given consideration to where your seating is positioned? Guide guests past colorful planters, scenic overlooks, and water features to make a lasting first impression before the meal begins.

Add an entertainment lounge.

When the reservations list is booked, offer a cozy outdoor space for relaxing while guests wait for a table to become available. We love the idea of clustering couches and chairs under modern shade sculptures to create a laid-back, living room vibe. On the weekends, hire a guitar player or violinist to add another layer of ambiance. When cool evenings beckon, introduce a fire pit or sleek space heaters.


Set up a secondary patio bar.

For a more casual dining experience, allow guests to approach this bar while waiting to be seated or for an after-dinner drink. This encourages movement around the outdoor space, allowing diners to fully appreciate the design and comfort you’ve created. A small seating area near the bar, such as private cabanas, are perfect for restaurants that host business meetings or group celebrations often.

Design clusters of intimate seating.

To amplify privacy, use rock wall dividers, oversize flower pots, live trees or manicured grass patches to partition sets of three or four tables. This gives guests the illusion of being at a smaller cafe-style establishment. This will likely attract couples at dinner time or anyone looking to escape crowded city eateries for a refreshing view of Mother Nature’s beauty.

Prepare for weather shifts.

Whether the sun feels a bit too warm or a summer rain moves in, be ready to shade guests so they can comfortably enjoy their meals and drinks. Cantilever parasols offer unobstructed views across dining tables and protection from the elements. If your restaurant is in an area with a variable climate, consider an optional heating feature tucked inside each parasol to provide focused warmth exactly where it’s needed.

As you update your modern patio design, always keep your guests’ comfort and safety at the forefront of your thoughts. Are you ready to discuss your plans with a professional who specializes in commercial outdoor design elements? Contact Tuuci® today.

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