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How to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Patio Parasol


Routine maintenance results in impeccable outdoor spaces.

You wouldn’t dream of compromising the cleaning and remodeling schedule of a hotel lobby or restaurant dining room. The same diligence applies to outdoor living spaces, especially when it comes to patio parasol care.

You can expect a durable, marine grade Tuuci® canopy to last approximately 1800 hours outdoors in year-round weather, with proper patio parasol maintenance. Our weather-resistant systems are modular, so the canopy, frames, and fasteners can be replaced at any time, without the need for purchasing a new system.


Patio Parasol Maintenance Instructions

1. Regularly rinse shade systems.

Once a week spray the entire system, from the top of the canopy to the base, to wash away dust and debris. We suggest using a mixture of mild soap (not detergents) and lukewarm water under 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow the soap to soak for a few minutes, then rinse with clear water and allow the system to air dry naturally.

2. Clean the base

Above-ground parasol bases should be wiped down weekly with a soap-water mixture and a non-abrasive sponge or soft cloth to maintain an optimal appearance. This will remove debris such as leaves or soil.

3. Brush away dust

Between rinses, use a soft-bristle brush to remove loose dirt and particles from the system.

4. Inspect each parasol

Visually scan the canopy, center pole and anchor base for loose screws that require tightening or broken pieces to replace. Make any necessary repairs as soon as you spot them.

5. Check the locking system

Is the product secured to the anchor using the star knob, hitch pin or cam lock? Does the system feel and appear secure?

6. Touch up paint

Order outdoor paint in the exact shade you need to cover scuffs or scratches on painted bases and poles.

If your canopy has a stain from an unknown source, spot clean it by using a soft-bristle brush dipped in a solution of 1 gallon of lukewarm water, 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and a few tablespoons of mild liquid soap. Scrub the fabric vigorously, rinse with clear water, then allow it to air dry. Finish by applying an air-curing water repellent treatment to ward off future stains.

If the source of the stain is known, consult this chart for specific cleaning instructions.


Extend The Life of Your Patio Parasol

To further extend the life of your shade system, be mindful of the weather. We recommend closing the canopy when winds reach 25 mph or greater to reduce the risk of damage.

When expanding the canopy, gently move each rib approximately six inches from the center pole so no fabric is caught in the struts before pressing the ‘Open’ button on the system.

At the end of the season before storing your Tuuci parasol, thoroughly wash the canopy with a lukewarm water and mild soap solution. Allow the canopy to fully dry before collapsing and covering with the protective cover and storing in a dry, well-ventilated area.

Is it time to update the canopy on your Tuuci product? When you’re ready to display a logo-printed canopy for a special event or simply need to refresh the look of your outdoor space, we can help. Our system is customizable so you can add a new canopy to your rig at any time. Contact us today to learn more!

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