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Tuuci® is in 1998 opgericht. Onze roots liggen in de maritieme sector. Onze, op samenwerking gerichte, start-up cultuur werpt nog steeds zijn vruchten af.

Tuuci heeft voor opschudding gezorgd in de buitenruimte met duurzame, innovatieve schaduwproducten met nautische designs, waar je wereldwijd van kunt genieten. Onze bijzondere designs en accessoires zijn zeer geliefd bij toonaangevende professionals in de architectuur en interior design.

Het Tuuci team maakt producten die wereldwijd verkrijgbaar en geliefd zijn. Bij ons werken onder meer experts op het gebied van design, techniek, productie, verkoop en marketing. Onze werkomgeving is te omschrijven als snel, plezierig en afwisselend. Uitwisseling van ideeën en professionele groei moedigen we aan. Onze teams streven ernaar slechts één visie te realiseren én te overtreffen: mensen helpen een zo prettig mogelijk buitenleven te ervaren door middel van inspirerende designs met een lange levensduur en comfort. Onze bedrijfscultuur ondersteunt deze visie door creativiteit en excellent presteren te stimuleren en professionele groei en ontwikkeling te ondersteunen.

Word ook deel van onze wereld en maak carrière in een groeiend bedrijf.

De hieronder vermelde functies zijn beschikbaar bij Tuuci en ons zusterbedrijf Pavilion Furniture.

Wat medewerkers zeggen

Betty – Senior Technical Designer, Engineering

“As a working parent having a work-life balance is essential to me and Tuuci gives working parents like myself the flexibility to manage both work and personal responsibility. I’m proud of my work and my contributions to the company but most of all I’m grateful that I’ve been able to navigate both my professional and personal growth.”

Erika – Director of Sales – Retail & Trade

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. Tuuci is a place that allows me to do something I love while leaving a small imprint on people’s lives.”

Leynna – Senior Human Resources Generalist

“After almost 7 years of watching Tuuci grow and evolve, I appreciate now more than ever the diversity and sense of camaraderie throughout the organization, which has allowed for employees to truly flourish. I’m excited to see what the future holds, and how else we will increase our competitive advantage.”

Alex – Mechanical Engineer

“Personally speaking, from my career as a professional engineer, there has never been a better experience than feeling committed to the final product one works on and representing the Tuuci brand wherever one goes.”

Cecilia – Sales Data Entry Specialist

“In my 17 years at Tuuci, I’ve not only seen its immense growth and evolution but can’t describe the pride I feel to see what the company is today. Knowing that most of the umbrellas I see out there, at restaurants and hotels, even when I’m visiting other countries are made by Tuuci I’m both delighted and proud to be part of this journey. No matter where you are and if you look around, you will very likely see a Tuuci umbrella close to you!”

Peter – Designer 3d Modeling Engineer

“Tuuci has been my home for the past nine years, and I can say without a doubt that it has been the most exciting place to work as a professional designer. Aside from the company achievements and acclaim for its innovative designs, the Tuuci culture truly mirrors South Florida’s melting pot of different nationalities, friendly and brilliant people.”

Paula – Marketing Manager

“I was initially attracted to Tuuci’s reputation and history of innovation, luxurious umbrellas and forward-thinking design. I continue to be excited by the diversity and professionalism of Tuuci team members, as they represent the melting pot of the city I call home, Miami.”

Joaquin – Crew Chief

“I like to work at Tuuci since through the years and from my first job as an Assembler to where I am now, Tuuci has given me the great opportunity to learn and grow within the company. You are treated like family not just a worker.”

Paulo – Graphic Designer

“I’m proud to work at Tuuci! I really admire this company and its story. I love working here, being part of this innovative team and it’s evident in the latest work we’ve created. I want to continue to be part of this success story and in my professional growth at Tuuci learning new skills and using the latest new tools to perform my tasks. I love my team and they give me the inspiration to keep going. Eternal thank you Tuuci!”

Juan – Sales Manager

“As I was carefully searching for my next professional adventure, I found a space where diversity is welcomed, creativity is celebrated and risk-taking is rewarded. These 3 pillars, along with our commitment to deliver exceptional customer experience through innovative and time-tested products, is what Tuuci is all about.”

Raquel – Team Lead Sewing

“I love working at Tuuci because their products represent quality, dedication, and the best work environment. I also love the support that Tuuci gives our community.”

Yahshua – Assembler – MAX Line

“Tuuci is a great place to work, in that it cares about and supports its employees while also challenging them to grow with the company. Very proud to make Tuuci Umbrellas.”

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