Bay master M1 Authentic Hardwood

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baymaster M1 authentic hardwood

As part of the Essential Collection, TUUCI’s line of elegant shade parasols, where old-world craftsmanship is perfectly matched with modern corrosion-proof materials, the Baymaster M1 Authentic Hardwood is consistently a top umbrella choice for luxury resorts throughout the world. and for good reason; it’s able to withstand tough, windy conditions in tropical climates. TUUCI’s proprietary stainless steel non-expansion sleeves prevent the center pole, made from long-grain hardwood, from swelling. This unique feature allows the ribs to “breathe”, instead of break, in gusty conditions, ensuring years of uninterrupted service. Never before has the wind been at such a disadvantage.

Workspace Ballistic-Reinforced Pocket Construction Durable Strut Joints Solid Hardwood Hub with Stainless Steel Banded Bracket System Telescoping Mast With ‘easy’ Crank Lift Roll over the interactive elements
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Built to Last

All Baymaster M1 Collection products include a Copperstone resin hub and are tested in high wind areas, from ocean-front installations to exposed street-side locations.

Breathe Not Break

Baymaster M1 Authentic Hardwood ribs feature long-grain hardwood strut system that effectively distributes stress and allows for the wood to breathe instead of break in gusty conditions.

Canopy Construction

TUUCI’s canopies each have reinforced pocket construction, utilizing ballistic fabric to make them significantly stronger to resist tearing or damage if the umbrella hits the ground.

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