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bay master MAX classic

Introducing the new Bay Master MAX Classic with style and aesthetics that impress guests and engineering and tenacity that impresses businesses. The bay master MAX classic features sophisticated metallurgy, genius lever design and effortless kinetics that make operation a breeze. Engineered with a telescoping mast that allows for easy operation over tables and chairs. Modular design allows for replacement parts, should you ever need them, because they are built to last season after season. Complement your outdoor area with the new TUUCI bay master MAX classic.

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Stainless Steel Endcaps Easy Grip Handle for Open/Close MAX Reinforced Strut Joints Marine Satin Anodized Mast “Auto-Loc” Deck Mount

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Sophisticated Design

Bay Master MAX Collection products feature an easy to use and grip handle and effortless kinetics that make operation a breeze over tables and chairs.

Support Where You Need It

Bay Master MAX Collection ribs feature marine-grade aluminum struts that act as reinforcement, effectively distributing stress and guaranteeing added strength.

Canopy Construction

Durable and resistant to wear and tear from excessive opening and closing, our canopy pocket construction features stainless steel caps as extra reinforcement.

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Product Overview

Product Data Sheet

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