beautiful, durable outdoor fabrics

We use only the most durable and beautiful fabrics available for our outdoor shade systems. Our state-of-the-art umbrella Fabrics that not only attract attention, but are easy to care for as well. We call them TUUCI Tuff-skins. You’ll call them unbelievable.

Our unmatched ability to provide custom-branding, screen printing and pantone matching across a variety of our fabrics separates TUUCI from other shade systems. The selection of TUUCI Tuff-skin fabrics is seemingly limitless. We provide custom consulting and fabric matching for your unique outdoor environment. Browse our selection below.

“marine grade” tuff-skins grade c, d, e

Marine Grade C
Marine Grade D
Marine Grade E

“furniture grade” tuff-skins grade a, b, c, e

Furniture Grade A
Furniture Grade B
Furniture Grade C
Furniture Grade E

“firesist” tuff-skins grade e

“sun mesh” tuff-skins grade b

“solar screen” tuff-skins grade e

commitment to our environmental footprint

TUUCI’s products are in close harmony with the outdoors. Because we love, respect and cherish the environment, we make all efforts to minimize our footprint when sourcing fabrics and manufacturing quality shade systems. TUUCI Tuff-skins are 100% modular, meaning each can be reused or retrofitted for other shade system applications.

Sunbrella 2017/2018 Elements Fabrics
Sunbrella 2017/2018 Marine Fabrics

pdf swatches

Sunbrella 2017/2018 Elements Fabrics

Sunbrella 2017/2018 Marine Fabrics