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No organization is built by a single person, and TUUCI is no different. From its first order for 100 umbrellas to its current global footprint throughout the United States, Europe, the Far East and South America, our company has been built by a team of talented, passionate and rule-defying professionals working hand-in-hand. If you’d like to help us continue our heritage of quality, innovation and design, discover your own journey at TUUCI and Join Our Crew.

Made in Miami

Born in Miami, Florida, TUUCI draws inspiration from the port city’s natural surroundings and rich cultural heritage.

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David Schutte appointed president of TUUCI

shade is absolutely our specialty

The background story of TUUCI, a world class outdoor parasol manufacturer based in Miami, as told by founder/CEO Dougan Clarke.

For over 20 years TUUCI has been creating the most innovative, unique and stylish shade platforms in the industry. Founded with a passion by Dougan Clarke, TUUCI was born from the marine industry. This means every single parasol, lounge and cabana we create has been meticulously engineered to perform without question, in any environment. Beyond simply performing, they also turn heads as TUUCI products are built with an unparalleled sense of style and design not seen anywhere else in the world.

We welcome you to explore our collections and full line of products. You’ll quickly see that our intention is to share natural comfort in its most basic form – a cool place in the shade. With incredibly durable,100% replaceable parts and a design sense like no other, TUUCI’s parasols, cabanas and lounges are your ticket to the ultimate shade experience. With a global presence throughout the US, Europe, the Far East and South America, our journey is simply to complement the shade the natural world already provides.

inspired by the best engineering on earth

TUUCI’s technology thrusts have defined a new era of shade innovation. Recognized around the world for extreme function and refined design, TUUCI stands alone in a category defined only by our latest leading edge advancements in parasol, cabana and lounge engineering. “Our goal is to bring thoughtful design to shade architecture while pushing the envelope of durability and function in the most extreme environments on Earth,” Clarke says. “Our products are designed to complement leisure lifestyles around the world, while providing unique ambiance in balance with the environment.”

we are part of the community


Since our business is all about enjoying the outdoors, it’s no secret that we love and respect the environment. That’s why we make every possible effort to minimize our footprint as we manufacture quality shade structures. In addition to our efforts to conserve energy in our factory, we have a streamlined process for recycling plastics, aluminum, steel, paper and cardboard. We understand that what we do today ultimately affects tomorrow, and we never forget that fact.

In addition to our conservation and recycling efforts, TUUCI and its employees support many environmental causes, including The Coastal Conservation Association, The Sierra Club, The Friends of Biscayne Bay Association, The Miami Museum of Science, The Kampong Botanical Garden, David Fairchild Botanical Gardens and The Coral Gables Garden Club.