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Returning to Normalcy: How Shade Structures Can Help


After many long months of restrictions and isolation, the world is gradually returning to public life and a sense of pre-pandemic normalcy like going to the theater, dining in restaurants, traveling, and enjoying the nightlife. Comfortable outdoor spaces can help us feel more at ease by offering plenty of fresh air and natural social distancing—especially when they include intimate furniture groupings that create private spaces within large public settings.

Nothing says private party like a cozy cabana.

There’s no better way to relax through the day or night than being cocooned in the comfort of a private cabana. Tuuci’s Solanox Cabanas offer several tailored design options to help you kick your comfort up a notch and create the feel of a personal living room, right in the heart of dynamic public spaces. These structures also include upgraded features such as automated louvered roof systems that provide the perfect balance between shade and ventilation, helping everyone enjoy maximum comfort.   Escape to your favorite travel destination, grab your favorite book and drink under the shade while creating your wistful ambiance.

Pampering Parasols

Tuuci parasols offer another way to make outdoor spaces airy and comfortable during strong sun and even light rain.   The Ocean Master collection offers a variety of options that complement every space and design aesthetic. Whether standing alone or in a fleet, these beautiful shade structures expand hospitality spaces with timeless style and leisurely comfort.

More Tips for Returning to Normal

There have been many conversations about which parts of “normal” we want to return to, and what we’d like to change about our lifestyles in a post-COVID world. Here are some research-based tips on defining what your new normal will look like.

Find a balance of meaningful activities.

Beyond having a full social calendar, we often feel most fulfilled by finding the right personal balance of fun, physical activity, productive accomplishment and relaxation. This balance is key to helping us feel that all our needs are being met.

Choose the size of your circle.

Emerging from pandemic restrictions has some of us wanting to tighten our circles and spend more time with the existing relationships we most treasure. Others are eager to expand their circle by chasing a new adventure and meeting new people. Reflect on what you’ve been missing most and plan your leisure time accordingly.

Give Back

“Paying it forward” is one of the surest ways to boost mental health, so consider looking for new ways to support your local community. This could also be a great way to meet new people who share similar values and interests.

However you or your business are approaching a return to life as we used to know it, we’re all continuing to share in the challenges that came from 2020 and 2021. By setting aside time to reflect and develop a vision for the future, we’ll continue to be stronger for it.

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