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Tuuci® Introduces the Ocean Master Mega Max Classic

Miami, FL, November 2, 2022

Tuuci®, the Miami-based creator of outdoor shade structures including parasols and cabanas, introduces its biggest parasol yet, the Ocean Master MEGA MAX Classic. With sizes ranging from 16 to 24 feet and engineered to withstand wind gusts up to 75MPH, the MEGA MAX defines a new scale of parasols and suits all large outdoor space shade needs.

The Ocean Master MEGA MAX allows multiple tables or lounge areas to be easily shaded with a single shade device, opening the possibilities for flex and multi-use spaces. The expansive shade structure is well suited for commercial and hospitality applications, quick service restaurants, multi-family, theme park, educational institutions, and residential settings. Available in a selection of colors and finishes to complement the desired setting, the MEGA MAX provides the ability to deliver varied experiences easily and quickly throughout the day and night.

“Tuuci’s passion is to create comfort and accessibility in the harshest environments on earth. Our mission is now more complete with the new Ocean Master MEGA MAX offering. Focusing on engineering and robust design, while leaning into our marine roots, has allowed us to create a shade structure that is a well-intentioned and elegant element for the ultimate outdoor destination,” said Dougan Clarke, Tuuci’s Founder, CEO and Chief Product Architect.

In addition to utilizing several core Tuuci performance elements in its construction, the MEGA MAX brings innovations such as the stainless steel bracketed hub system and stainless steel hinged anchor plate to life. These new advancements provide enhanced strength and stability to the core of the parasol and ease during installation, as the massive parasol is secured in place prior to tilting upward. Combining well established and new features has helped to create Tuuci’s largest and strongest parasol yet.

Tailoring the outdoor experience and creating a customized atmosphere under the MEGA MAX is a breeze with integrated lighting and heating options. The dual Ambia LED light offers independent dimmable up and down light, while the adjustable infra-red heaters pivot to efficiently and directly warm objects below the canopy, not simply the surrounding air. This smart heating system features a micro-switch that automatically turns power off when the umbrella frame is closed. As a bonus, when selecting the heating system, the dual Ambia LED light is automatically included.

About Tuuci

For nearly a quarter century, Tuuci has revolutionized outdoor spaces with durable, innovative shade platforms featuring nautically inspired designs. Founded by Dougan Clarke in 1997, The Ultimate Umbrella Company, Inc., (simply known as “Tuuci”), was born from seaside roots in Miami, Florida where Dougan began his career as a marine outfitter for high performance yachts.

With a keen eye on design and a passion for form and function, Dougan applied his craftsmanship to the shade industry to create Tuuci’s unique brand of marine grade, shade architecture. Today, Tuuci’s distinctive shade designs and furnishings may be experienced around the world and are sought by leading design professionals within the architectural and residential design community.

Tuuci’s primary manufacturing campus is in Miami, Florida and serves as the company’s global headquarters. The organization maintains two additional, wholly owned manufacturing centers in Northern Europe and Southeast Asia providing localized customer service including fully integrated internal sales teams and distribution support across each continent.

Tuuci’s sense of community is a cornerstone of the company’s foundation, providing charitable outreach across a host of environmental and humanitarian concerns. The company’s broad mission is to provide sustainable comfort and accessibility around the world.

North American Press Contact:
Marisa Jones Issa
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