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Mainland Planters

The simple and monochromatic design of the Mainland Garden Planter offers a nod to contemporary design roots. Available in eight powder coat finishes, it can be comfortably situated as a complementary architectural feature in a classic setting.


Built To Last

The Mainland planter is made of marine grade materials that are tested in high traffic areas, from ocean-front installations to exposed street-side locations.

Sophisticated Design

Featuring smooth panels in beautiful powder coat finishes, the Mainland planter is a modern piece for home design or space-making.



D x W x H

14″ x 18″ x 18″
36cm x 46cm x 46cm

14″ x 36″ x 18″
36cm x 91cm x 46cm

36″ x 36″ x 18″
91cm x 91cm x 46cm


D x W x H

14″ x 18″ x 30″
36cm x 46cm x 76cm

14″ x 36″ x 30″
36cm x 91cm x 76cm


Silver Sand Powder Coat
Glacier White Powder Coat
Sandbar Powder Coat
Oyster Powder Coat
Night Fog Powder Coat
Espresso Powder Coat
Graphite Powder Coat
Black Sea Powder Coat


Trellis Screen

The Trellis Screen intertwines the function of space dividing and design, providing a structured canvas for nature to climb and flourish.

Espalier Screen

The  Espalier Screen is where plants are meticulously trained to weave across a flat plane, marrying horticulture with architecture.

Light Post

The Light Post within the planter merges nature and illumination to cast a warm glow upon your outdoor oasis.


Equipping planters with optional casters transforms them into mobile green havens, allowing flexibility and ease in repositioning to make any space option.


2D / 3D Models

Design an unforgettable space.
Upon completion of this form you will gain instant access to the 2D/3D model drawings.
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