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Benefits of Natural Light


As humans, we have an innate desire to be outdoors.

However, as time goes on, our connection to nature diminishes as our connection to technology flourishes. This does not mean that we do not want to be outside, it simply means we are losing opportunities to go outside because they often do not provide the same amenities as an indoor environment.


Move the Indoors to Your Outdoor Space

Universally, there has been a large shift in bringing the indoors to our outdoor spaces. There are many benefits of being outdoors and more and more people are becoming aware of them. This is why restaurant goers will wait longer for an outdoor table, people pay extra fees for a room with an outdoor view, and educators provide outdoor time to students due to the stimulation benefits. So, if people have an immense desire to be outdoors, why not create a connected, and productive environment outside?

According to a study conducted by L.L. Bean, usage of an outdoor work space “increased productivity by 300 percent, while simultaneously improving work performance by 50 percent. What’s more, 92 percent of people felt happier while they were outdoors.”

Natural Light is Fundamental

In order to create this outdoor experience, there are many factors in play. The access to natural sunlight is the fundamental part of our desire. This applies to residential areas and it is just as true for the workplace, healthcare, education, and the hospitality sector. “For example, in healthcare, patients with greater sunlight exposure required fewer painkillers, leading to a 21 percent reduction in medication costs.” Companies have found that they can retain their top employees simply by providing natural light to their workspaces.

Shade and shelter are at the forefront for creating the ultimate outdoor experience. They allow for temperature management, comfort, and overall visual aesthetic. When it comes to top features that make shade durable, water resistance capability and aesthetic design are reported to be of the utmost importance.

Shade, the centerpiece of outdoor furniture, allows for an integration of the indoor and outdoor environments, all while still providing natural light.

On top of shade and shelter, outdoor furniture, amenities and functionality are key. People crave products that have top of the line technology while still remaining durable throughout the years. Overall, people want a range of outdoor items to extend the day and create a luxurious and comfortable outdoor experience.

Spending time outdoors in current times is far from what it used to be, but the desire to do so is just as prominent.

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