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Patio Technology: Six Smart Products for the Most Comfortable Outdoor Experience


The ability to enjoy the great outdoors for hours at a time from the convenient comfort of your own residence is an essential luxury. Your outdoor space should be a natural extension of an interior space and technology offerings continue to redefine what it means to fully enjoy your exterior surroundings. As tech products advance, luxury homes, and hotels continue to become “smarter” from the inside out.


The Evolution of Patio Technology for Homeowners

Technology in patio design has evolved leaps and bounds in recent years. The options are almost endless: temperature controls are available thanks to outdoor ceiling fans for pergolas and overhead patio heaters, automated outdoor lighting sets the mood at preferred times of day or night, shade structures respond to the changing weather patterns, and entertainment options abound. Consumers are now curating a personalized patio setting through simple remote-control systems.

Today, homeowners install outdoor kitchens, fire pits, wireless charging stations, sophisticated LED lighting, fans, television, heaters, and motorized shade structures to build their own outdoor oasis. These technology features can be incorporated to bring an interactive patio design to life. Smart patio design leaves nothing to be desired, allowing a patio to compete with all of the modern conveniences and comforts of the indoors.


Tuuci® Ocean Master MAX Automated Cantilever

The Evolution of Patio Technology for Designers

For designers, trends come and go, but the historical focus on bringing the indoors to an outside space remains a reliable and timeless classic over the decades. Superior patio designs are typically transitional spaces; extending the indoors into the outdoors seamlessly. This is a functional and popular design because it makes the most of patio space.

Technologies that are being utilized inside the house can be extended outdoors when they are carefully designed to withstand water, salt spray, harmful UV rays and other elements. Thanks to the variety of technologies available, a transitional living space that extends to the outdoors can be utilized and enjoyed year-round and not just during warmer months.

Creative and savvy designers are blending motorized pergolas, shade covers, fire pits, and more to create an optimal environment for their clients to relax outside in total comfort.

Curated List of Top Technology Products:


To curate the perfect afternoon and evening, incorporate smart outdoor lighting elements to your outdoor space. Cued lights can illuminate your patio just as the sun falls behind the horizon. Set your lighting to a timer or control it via a variety of apps through the touch of a button. LED lights can be integrated into awning arms to set the scene for warm ambiance as the night wears on.



Harness the power of the sun to charge your mobile devices with a solar window charger. Keep your tablets and phone near your patio and fully charged for convenient use.


Bring the magic of the silver screen to your backyard with a sophisticated outdoor projector such as the Epson Home Cinema 2150. Purchase an accompanying projector screen or cast the film directly on to the side of your house.

(Photo courtesy of Epson)


When you’re not taking advantage of your patio and all its offerings, ensure that your outdoor space and its technology are both secured and protected with a Google Nest Cam. These devices are simple to install, built to withstand weather and will send personalized notifications to your phone.

(Photo source: Wikimedia Commons)


Create a personal playlist for your oasis by adding a piece that blends art with technology perfectly. The Uma Sound Lantern will transform your space into a setting from abroad with sound and light to match that location. With an 8-hour battery life, you and your guests can remotely visit a variety of your favorite travel destinations.

(Photo courtesy of Pablo Designs)


The Tuuci Ocean Master MAX Automated Cantilever is an automatic patio parasol that redefines shade technology. Automation and shade seamlessly integrate with our convenient and intuitive push-button interface. Shading, lighting, and heating come alive at your fingertips with a one-touch control panel featuring smart safety protocols. Push button patio parasols render manual cranking and lighting obsolete, while elevating your spatial design and ambiance. A whole new level of intelligent design has been reached.

Research & Planning

Technology needs vary depending on space and client needs. For example, a rural patio in a wooded area might not require the use of automation or certain technologies could be out of touch with the rustic look and feel a designer had intended to create. Alternately, a ski resort might have an exterior space where small crowds tend to gather together outside as the snowfalls. For a space like this, fire pits and heat technology solutions are ideal.

The best forms of technology bring people together in a shared space; therefore the number of guests you typically host should be considered. Timed lighting to allow a party to extend later into the evening, a cabana that senses and protects against oncoming precipitation, an automated fan with a large reach can provide a cool breeze on a hot day for all of your guests.

Technology solutions should simplify, not complicate. Smart patio design benefits the world-class shade products offered by Tuuci, which function beautifully with or without the supporting technology. Explore our high and low tech options for your patio today!

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