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June 13, 2018 The Best Patio Umbrella Fabric for Wind & Sun

best patio fabrics

The umbrellas you choose for your outdoor design projects must perform. You already know the colors, styles, shapes, and designs fit your needs. But, we know you expect more than just good aesthetics.

When it comes to handling wind and sun, TUUCI uses durable, premium fabrics manufactured by Sunbrella that can withstand the variable daily weather. Our umbrellas protect guests from sun, wind, rain, and ocean spray without fading or molding. Here’s what makes our umbrellas the best choice for your patio.

Our Umbrellas Use UV Stable Pigments

Some umbrella manufacturers apply a UV finishing spray to their products. This layering effect wears off over time, leaving your umbrella susceptible to fading. The fabric we use is made with fibers saturated with UV-stable pigments. Both the color and sun protection are woven into the construction of each umbrella, making them resistant to sun damage for the life of the product. Solution-dyed acrylic fabrics allow the color to sink completely into every thread, as opposed to applying only to the exterior.

The Umbrella Fabric is Breathable

The weave of the fabric allows a small amount of air to pass through the umbrella. This feature creates comfort for everyone below and reduces moisture build-up in the specially engineered fabric that keeps mold and mildew at bay. The breathable fabric also helps the umbrella canopy stabilize itself on breezy days.

Marine Grade Specialty Fabrics Are Available

For outdoor patio spaces that require ongoing wind-driven water resistance (boats, docks, beaches, and boardwalks), we offer premium specialty Sunbrella fabrics with a durable polyurethane undercoating. This coating allows the umbrella to resist moisture and wind effectively day after day.

Let Your Fabric Weave Enhance The Space

We offer a variety of mesh densities to compliment your outdoor space. If you want to allow a small amount of sun and breeze to filter through the umbrella for ambiance, explore a light grade option. Do you want full protection from rain, wind, and sun? Choose a fabric with a tight weave pattern.

We Offer Sun Protection for the Skin

Our umbrella fabrics are endorsed by The Skin Cancer Foundation. The shade offered by TUUCI umbrellas has been found to assist in preventing sun-induced damage to the skin when paired with sunscreen use.

Strength Rating Against the Wind

TUUCI umbrellas are warrantied for 25-35mph winds and tested up to 50mph. We do recommend users close the umbrellas once sustained winds reach 25mph, primarily for their own safety. For information on the warranty available for your product, be sure to consult your sales representative.

Would you like to learn more about the durability, features, or styles of patio umbrellas we offer? Contact TUUCI today to discuss your outdoor patio design project.